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  1. I ended up removing the new authentication table and going back to my main authentication. Then I added a field that holds all user ids in my project table (I added JavaScript in my datapage to combine all userids already added with any new users to the project). Then I added a search of that field with a Contains (userid) search to ensure the members userid is present in the project. The brackets around userid are in the table and search function so a userid that is short won't find part of itself in the table, such as a userid of 1 would be found if someone's user is was 100. So it searches for (1) so it will only find (1) if it's present, if that makes sense. Thanks Mark
  2. Thank you. I'll have to put my thinking cap on some more. I tried record level, but it was limiting the user to seeing one record, their own, and I need them to see everyone else's data (project Forum, users list, file upload, Ect). But maybe you are right and I need to play more with my tables and views.
  3. Curious, can anyone thinking of a way to accomplish this task? My app has team projects and I only want the people that are members of each specific project to see the data table contents. I have gotten it to work by creating a new authenticity login, that contains a code that is specific to each project. The only problem is the user has to re-login to each project because the code is different. I cant really narrow by having a criteria in a view, at least I don't think, because new projects will be created daily, each containing a variety of members. I am trying to do this and make it more fluid. Thanks, Mark
  4. I gave that a whirl with no luck.. I was thinking one other option may be to have the second field (goalcount) as a 'confirmation' field and just put a code that the two fields must be equal. So basically make my own 'confirmation' using two fields instead of the caspio confirmation. Thanks Mark
  5. I see the problem is in the click me button. I don't want that button, I just want the value to be copied when the campion submit button is clicked. Anyone have the code? thanks Mark
  6. Thank you for the reply. That's odd it isn't working in mine (the place it needs to work haha). Does it matter the fields are numerical fields? Ill keep playing with it. Thanks Mark
  7. I imagine the code for this must be pretty simple, but I am just looking to repeat the value of what is entered into one field on a submission page into another hidden field. This is what I have so far <script> function onSubmitClick() { var box1 = document.getElementById('InsertRecordsubgoalcount'); var box2 = document.getElementById('InsertRecordgoalcount'); box2.value = box1.value; } </script> <button onclick='onSubmitClick(); return false'>Click Me</button> Thanks, Mark
  8. Thank you!
  9. How do I get to style.css? I am using a godaddy wordpress template. Thanks, Mark
  10. Is there a way to make a chart/graph that would give a visual representation of the progress toward a goal? For example, I have a numerical field that gets an entry every time a table entry is made. There is a goal number associated with that entry table as well. That number remains consistent. So I want a graph to show we have 10 out of 50 complete. Then it may change to 11/50 with the next entry and so on. Thanks, Mark
  11. Disregard, I just saw that WIX doesn't support parameters. Mark
  12. Hello, I am trying to pass a parameter from a "details" text link I created in the results page, as done in this video http://howto.caspio.com/getting-started/create-a-one-to-many-relationship/ The problem is no matter what "details" link I click on, it always sends the parameter for the first result only. For example, when my search is conducted, I have 5 results. No matter which of the five I click on, the parameter sent appears to be just the first result. The parameter I am trying to send is Customer_ID. All five results have a Customer_ID field. Thanks, Mark
  13. Ok thanks! So it is only not encrypted for an embedded data page, even though that is SSL deployed? Mark
  14. If I deploy a datapage iframe and select it to be SSL encrypted, and then deploy the iframe on a site that does not carry a SSL certificate, is the information transferred to caspio SSL? Thanks, Mark