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  3. Does anyone know how to access the display value of a field when using a formula inside a calculated field with sql? The critical line for me is below. In my table the field 'Column_values' is referenced to another table, but displays text in place of the underlying reference data. So far I can only manage to access the references, not the text display values. WHEN CHARINDEX('[@myexample]','[@field:Column_values]') > 0 THEN ... Other than the above I've tried '[@lookupfield:Column_values]', '[@lookupvalue:Column_values]', and all kinds of other combinations, but I just can't get the right syntax. Any help much appreciated.
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  5. Needs to be emailed out as an important FYI. People can waste hours/days trying to figure it out when there is an easy platform specific solution. Had NailDylan not responded to my post I would have spent days trying to figure it out. I was already a few hours in ;^) Maybe there is an important announcement area I just dont know about? Just my $0.02
  6. If you only have small amount of records, it is easier to remove those unwanted addresses. However, as your record grows vast, it will start become troublesome locating and deleting those unwanted addresses. This workflow will surely be helpful.
  7. I just want to share this. If you ever need to prevent your triggered action/ task on sending emails/sms on certain numbers. You can create a table which contains all those unwanted email addresses/ phone number and create a blocklist. It is just an extra condition on the where statement if you used a 'select from' block. Hope it helps...
  8. Yes, you just have to concatenate with a semicolon in between. Kinda like this one: This one is on task, but I am sure you can easily have it converted to trigger.
  9. It is possible to submit an email to multiple addresses, that are just on different fields of the same record? ex. On your record, you have 2 fields containing different email, lets name it field 'Email_primary' and 'Email_secondary'. Would it be possible to send email on both of those fields with only one email block?
  10. They told us that their product team is working on this as a high priority. They said that the issue in Safari is about cookies. From time to time Safari does not send cookie back to server that affects DataPage authentications. Login on Safari - Known Issue articles: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-20-0/ https://howto.caspio.com/troubleshooting/login-troubleshooting/login-on-safari-known-issue/
  11. Thank you so much! That solved my issue! My calculated field is now just '[@Virtual1]' and it displays properly
  12. Hi @TMCGINN1, You need to wrap the parameter in a single quote. For example '[@Virtual1]'. This way you will be able to use parameter in SQL query. You can also use HTML Block instead. -LittleMsGinger
  13. Hi @Yusuf, I suggest that you review this forum post: I tried this solution on my end and it works!
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  15. Please use the formula below: CONVERT(FLOAT,SUBSTRING([@field:timefield], 0, (Charindex(':', [@field:timefield], 0))))*60 + CONVERT(FLOAT,SUBSTRING([@field:timefield], (Charindex(':', [@field:timefield], 0)+1), 5)) For more information regarding the function reference, you may want to check out this Howto article: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/ Hope this helps. -Barbie
  16. I have a field that has a format of mm:ss.00. I want to have a formula that will convert this as seconds only.
  17. FYI - Its not only on SOME forms, I think its all. All my forms are showing that in Safari 13.
  18. OMG. Thank you NailDyanC! That was it. Applied that localization fix and resolved. I was about to start a lot of cross browser code testing. You just saved me a Saturday afternoon! Caspio, you need to email this to customers and/or get this issue and fix front and center somewhere.
  19. Sure! Just make sure that you have another field for the leave type with text datatype and you can create the formula similar to this: CASE WHEN [@field:Leave_Type] = 'Vacation' THEN DateDiff(Day, [@field:Start_Date], [@field:End_Date]) ELSE 0 END
  20. Thanks. But I forgot to mention, I only wanted to calculate where all the leave type is set to 'Vacation'. If the value is something else, I can just place a zero or null or something. Will that work?
  21. Hi, Just want to add to the previous comments above. For me, it really depends on the needs of your application. If you are trying to build an application which is beyond the standard features of Caspio and if you don't have time, some knowledge in building it, and if you have a deadline to accomplish it, then that's the time that you need someone to hire . However, if you can do it by yourself and if you have some basic knowledge in database and web application then you can move forward little by little. Moreover, as you start building your application in Caspio, the first thing that you need to do is to build a normalized and well-architectured table. And for you to know the fields and tables that you need, you need to define the workflow of your application. As well as the Level of Users of the app. In this manner, it would be easy for you to identify which tables that you will need, and what type of relationship you need to establish. And, their Webinar Training is really useful especially when you are just starting to know their platform. Also, if you will try to create an app, you can review some of their training materials for you to familiarize Caspio's features: https://howto.caspio.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/CaspioInc https://forums.caspio.com/ Above are the links that I always use in creating an application. By the way, you can visit Caspio's live support via chat or phone if you need help from their Support Team. Also, I just want to share some tips in getting started that I use for new apps: Key areas to scope prior to beginning and as you progress: 1. What entities (tables) are needed, and general purpose of each. *Define what data you need for each, and what type of data this is 2. What users and roles will be needed to access this application? *Who is using the app. Group them into roles and permissions for each role/sub-role 3.For each user/role, what permissions should they have on each entity. *What should each user role be able to do with each set of data. Keep this simple: Insert, Edit/Delete, View only. *Should this be for the whole data-set, or just a sub-set. How is sub-set determined? I hope that helps you.
  22. Hi, We have also experienced this kind of message when we try to access our Web forms in Safari browsers. We asked Caspio Support for some assistance about this. As per them, "We have noticed that after the recent release of iOS 13, some users with Safari version 13.x have reported intermittent issues signing into Caspio applications. We are monitoring each iOS/Safari release so we can provide a solution that will fully support a stable release of Safari. Caspio has added an overlaying message on Safari browser (only v.13+) that is used to access DataPages: “This version of Safari is not fully supported. Please use a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge).” This message can be configured/removed in Localization of the DataPage." One of there suggestion is if users are experiencing login issues after closing the message, following steps may help resolve this issue: 1. Go to Settings in your device. 2. Choose Safari. 3. Under Privacy & Security, click Clear History and Website Data. 4. Close all Safari windows and re-launch Safari. And also, there's a way to remove the popup message that shows up on Caspio DataPages in Safari browsers. Please follow these steps: 1. Edit Localization associated with your DataPage. 2. Scroll down to System Messages on the left. 3. Choose element 615 with the current message: This version of Safari is not fully supported. Please use a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge). 4. Go to Custom Text area and remove the message: "This version of Safari is not fully supported. Please use a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge)." 5. Save the Localization. 6. If you have redirections mentioned in Authentication, then edit Localizations of those DataPages as well. I suggest to make a copy of the Localization attached to the DataPage and apply changes in the copied version. Assign the copied Localization to the DataPage.
  23. I have a couple forms that used to work fine but the most recent version of Safari has been reporting on load "This version of Safari is not fully supported. Please use a different browser (ie, Chrome , Firefox, Edge, etc)." I do have some custom CSS for the form with some pretty basic webkit coding, not sure what it could be. Same form, unchanged, did not report this error on load a couple months ago.
  24. The attachment tab already has this feature. If there is an attachment box on your form, you can drag a file to it instead of clicking browse. Maybe mess with the css of the field to make it bigger to let users know of the feature.
  25. I would like to add a drag and drop upload feature. Drag from desktop to field in data page. Has anyone else found a good solutions for this?
  26. Please help on this another issue. I don't know why but the code below doesn't seem to work. <script> document.getElementById("Submit").style.display = "none"; </script>
  27. Hi, I am having an issue with working with the date field. What I am trying to do is: I want to change the background color of the rows (records) on a data page if a date from that record is older than the current date (Timestamp). Please see my source code from the HTML block below. It seems working if the date and the current date is from the same year. However, it is not working if the dates (record date and current date) are from two different years. How can I solve this issue? ........ [@field:files_File_Number] <a id="visi[@field:actions_Action_ID]"> <script> var isi = document.getElementById("visi[@field:actions_Action_ID]"); if('[@field:actions_Reminder_Date]'<'[@cbTimestamp]'){ isi.parentNode.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = '#fcd4d4'; } else{ isi.parentNode.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = '#NoColor'; } </script></a> ........
  28. Hi, I am attempting to use Virtual Fields to allow a user to specify some input that must appear on each line of a tabular report. The report requires the person who exports it to provide some contact information, and I do not want to hard-code this information. I have set up a Virtual Field as a search field, and set it to "pass as parameter" called [@Virtual1]. In my report body, I would like to display the value of the Virtual Field variable. I have attempted to use a calculated field and just put [@Virtual1] as the value, but I get an "Error in forumla." when I attempt to run the report. Per this post, I also tried [@cbParameterVirtual1] in a calculated field, but that results in the same error. I have tried a few Javascript solutions, but can't seem to find the right reference to the Virtual Field variable. I can't seem to find a clear answer on how to reference virtual fields within the datapage they are created (or if it's even possible). I've posted some screenshots of my setup below, any help is greatly appreciated!
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