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  2. You should be able to. Instead of "InsertRecordFIELDNAME" you would do "cbParamVirtualNUMBER", where NUMBER is the number of the Virtual Field you are using (in the DP Wizard, they show up like Virtual12, you would use cbParamVirtual12).
  3. Hi! Can I use a virtual in the " FIELDNAME"? Or does it has to be an actual field?
  4. Hi @EmmePGN, Make sure that third party cookie is enabled in your browser. As per Caspio's system requirements, third party cookies should be enabled for you to use the DataPages properly and to remove the popup warning. Check this link for more details: https://howto.caspio.com/system-requirements/ Hope this helps!
  5. I just realized i can create a composite primary key by using a unique formula field and joining the study & site ids. So I guess this works, but I still wonder if there some more elegant way to present an interface to manage this scenario?
  6. I manage a many-to-many relationship we have between some tables. e.g. Primary tables are “Studies” and “Sites”. Have a table to join them, “study_sites” For each Study many sites could be associated. Sites can be associated with many Studies I can’t find anyway to create a UI that can: Show me all the sites that are currently associated to a site. Allow me to remove an existing association Allow me to add a new association, but also ensure the site/study relationship does not exists. (don’t want any duplicates in “study_sites” table) e.g. I can use two data pages. Top one shows all sites that are currently associated. Bottom submits a form add a new record to “study_sites” table. The problem is this can allow duplicates. Is there someway to stop a duplicating from being inserted by triggers? There some smarter way to do this? I did try using a table report adding SQL to a calculated field, but it won't render the HTML CASE WHEN (SELECT COUNT(study_site_id) FROM sr_tbl_study_sites WHERE study_id='GU986E2K34MD' and site_id=target.[@field:site_id]) = 1 THEN 'Exists, click to remove' ELSE '<a href=/admin-associate-study-site.html?study_id=GU986E2K34MD>Not associated, click to add</a>' END I have similar requirement to association many users to many sites. any advice greatly appreciated.
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  8. I believe it is because Triggered Actions do not run on import of data, both manually and from the DataHub. You can find this in the "Additional Notes about Triggered Actions" section towards the bottom of this page: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/ Also, there is a maximum amount of records that can be updated via Triggered Actions at one time, and this number changes depending on the plan you have. You can find this on that same page I linked.
  9. With the help of a Caspio Chat Support agent, Ian Natividad (very helpful person), I managed to create a triggered action that would update fields from one table after a certain value is entered from another table. I have over 200 records and now wish to update all in one go by uploading an excel workbook update. But the trigger I created (through the very helpful person), doesn't seem to work on bulk updates. It only works when I do a one record update at a time activity. Am I missing something? Or are triggers designed to only work on one single record update action at a time? Please help. Below is the said trigger. Thank you in advance.
  10. If you want it so the blank address gets the copied values instead of limiting it to just Billing Address getting copied, you can use the below workflow. Clicking the checkbox with this script will fill the values of the empty address, regardless of which one it is. function f_address(){ if(document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual4').checked){ if(document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_Street']").value !== ''){ document.getElementById("InsertRecordJob_Street").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_Street']").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordJob_Suite").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_Suite']").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordJob_City").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_City']").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordJob_State").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_State']").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordJob_Zip").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_Zip']").value; } else { document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_Street']").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordJob_Street']").value; document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_Suite']").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordJob_Suite']").value; document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_City']").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordJob_City']").value; document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_State']").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordJob_State']").value; document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordBilling_Zip']").value = document.querySelector("input[id^='InsertRecordJob_Zip']").value; } } } document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual4').onclick= f_address; });
  11. Folder Redirection enables users and administrators to redirect the path of a known folder to a new location, manually or by using Group Policy. The new location can be a folder on the local computer or a directory on a file share. Users interact with files in the redirected folder as if it still existed on the local drive. For example, you can redirect the Documents folder, which is usually stored on a local drive, to a network location. The files in the folder are then available to the user from any computer on the network. Offline Files makes network files available to a user, even if the network connection to the server is unavailable or slow. When working online, file access performance is at the speed of the network and server. When working offline, files are retrieved from the Offline Files folder at local access speeds. A computer switches to Offline Mode when:
  12. Mountain View, Calif., May 18, 2010 — Caspio, Inc. (caspio.com), the leading online database platform for creating web applications without programming, today announced the launch of its Access Migration Kit, which will provide a complete package of streamlined tools and services for developers to easily bring their Microsoft Access databases online. With last week’s launch of Microsoft Office 2010, there is a lot of talk surrounding the new Office Web Apps, which allows users to stay connected to their Office applications on-the-go. However, Office 2010 does not provide the ability to easily create web-based apps using Microsoft Access because it requires a multi-step integration with a SharePoint server. “Microsoft Office 2010 is an exciting release; however Access developers are still challenged to find a viable solution for web-centric data management,” said Caspio founder and CEO, Frank Zamani. “Caspio’s cloud platform provides what’s missing in Microsoft Access, allowing for easy online databases and web app creation.”
  13. In advance of the XXI Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP21), HESI will organize an event to take stock of progress made since Rio+20 by sharing best practices and lessons learned, discuss the roles and responsibilities of higher education institutions in business and technological innovations around climate change adaptation and mitigation and encourage new or enhanced commitments by HESI members, particularly around the facilitation of academic and scientific inputs into the formulation of climate policies and compose a message and a set of policy recommendations to be presented to the UNFCC Secretariat at COP21. IAU endorsed HESI in Rio and supports this initiative. The IAU President is one of the keynote speakers at the Paris 2015 Conference.
  14. It's the process of enhancing your website's exposure for relevant searches. The higher your pages' exposure in search results, the more likely you are to attract attention and attract new and existing clients to your company.
  15. You can insert a page break in sections other than the Page Header and Page Footer sections of a report. For example, to print a report's title page on a separate page, place the page break in the section after controls that you want to appear on the title page. In the example below, the page break control is between the header and the description text box.
  16. Hello, I've been trying to figure out how to create a submission form for reporting that includes line items that can be added as well as regular fields. Example below. I'm not sure how to go about this though. I saw the tutorial for multiple page forms but I'm not sure if that would work. Example: In this case, the report will be to track the number of referrals from each source. There can be hundreds of individual sources available and a majority of these sources wont have referrals every time the report is submitted. This is why I wanted to make this into a line entry type of form for this section so that we can just add rows and select the referral sources that are relevant for the specific report.We would also want to have another section that are just regular fields asking for certain data "Number of customers", "number of returns" etc.The data from both sections would then be used to create reports.Individually, both of the sections are pretty simple to do, but I was wondering if there was a way to combine the two into one form.
  17. Hello, I would like to create a pivot table for data similar to the table below. I'm using a view to create the pivot table. The view joins the PO table and SO table, and that's causing the PO ID rows to be repeated. PO Qty total should calculate the sum of qty of unique PO IDs. I was thinking of using the custom totals/aggregations formula to calculate it, but I'm getting stuck.. Any help on this would really be appreciated! Product PO ID PO Qty SO ID SO Qty Product A POA1 5 SOA1 1 Product A POA1 5 SOA2 2 Product A POA1 5 SOA3 1 Product A POA2 10 SOA4 3 Product A POA2 10 SOA5 2 Product A POA2 10 SOA6 1 PO Qty Total: 15 (unique PO ID); SO Qty Total: 10 Thank you!
  18. Hello, Just to update this post, you can also refer here: -Potato
  19. Hello, Just to update this post, you may also refer to this How-to article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/password-recovery-forms/. -Potato
  20. Hello, Just to update this post, you may visit this link: https://www.caspio.com/services/professional-services/ to set a consultation with the developers of Caspio to check your needed requirements. -Potato
  21. Hi @Dayne! I saw some Caspio RMAs that has this comment function and by observation, it looks like they set it up in a way that there's a separate datapage for adding comments aside from the datapage that shows the details of the record. Both will be deployed on the same web page so you can see them side by side. Here's from they contact management app: this one is from their https://www.caspio.com/apps/online-store/: Hopefully this gives you an idea
  22. Okay, I just checked. You can also have a virtual field on search forms, but the virtual fields on the search form cannot use a calculated value as a form element.
  23. As mentioned above by @LittleMsGinger, the idea is to have a calculated value to convert the selected values from their actual value to their display value. However, take note that this will only work if you are coming from a form type of datapage (Submission, Single Record, Report Details) since these are the only page that has a virtual fields.
  24. I am a new user (in my trial period) and cannot find any way to create reports or views that are not extremely primitive looking. There seems to be far less customizability than even in Excel - for example, I cannot create custom column headings or adjust column width. Also, there does not seem to be any way to print out or email as report. Am I missing something here? Because from what I've seen so far, I'd be much better off just using multiple spreadsheets to manage data, and also would save $100 per month. I expected much more sophistication from this program.
  25. Thanks Vicki. I've found a way using Integromat. Whilst not ideal, it works at least. Preference would be that this was a part of the offering of Caspio (as is the case with Knack). Cheers..
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