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  2. MayMusic, I have a SUBMISSION datapage to create the parent file, with a GUID as the Primary Key. Upon submission, the child file is called via URL with the Primary Key passed as a parameter. In the TABULAR REPORT child datapage, I receive the parameter as a filter using the Parent Primary Key portion of the View. The URL shows that the correct value is being passed and eve received, but I don't know how to get the received value into the foreign key portion of the View. This is the relationship between the files I hope this makes sense.
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  4. How are you passing the parameter? Are you passing an auto-generated value after submission?
  5. I have two files: A parent file and a child file in a one-to-many relationship. Like a Purchase Order that has a header (parent file) and the individual lines of the Purchase Order (child file). I am using a left outer join (all records in Parent file and matching records in Child file), filtered on Parent File ID. I use this because I want to be able to display even those records with no detail so that I can add the details. I pass the Parent File ID in the URL to the Child File and everything comes up the way I expect it to, except the Foreign Key does not get populated with the passed parameter. I am clearly missing something in the process. I am new to Caspio but not new to databases. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  6. Hi @Batchini, What I suggest is to create a triggered action and add 3 tables. Below are the steps on how to: 1. Create Table 1. You will store here all of the information about Events. Screenshot: 2. Create Table 2. The trigger will be the one to populate this table. Screenshot: 3. Create the table 3. This will consists of the maximum number of days that the event can last. Screenshot: 4. Lastly, create a trigger that will populate the table two. Please refer to this: Hope this works for you. -Barbie
  7. I have a start date and end date in my table I want the Calendar show every day of the date range on the calendar how to achieve this?
  8. Sorry Dasigrist. Never got able to check it out. I briefly surfed through Stackoverflow and saw a couple solutions through JavaScript/JQuery/Angular. You might want to try one of those.
  9. How about enabling inline insert, so you can directly add from the Tabular DataPage if there is no existing records? This may save you from using two DataPages. https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/data-editing-options-in-reports/
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    It would be nice if you include further details. The solution would depend on your workflow, what forms are used. But then, there are posts that pertains to printing forms and sending email. Both addressed separately. Here's one example for printing forms: If you want to be able to send an email, caspio has Automatic emails, Notification Emails, and those sent by Triggered Actions. This would all totally depend on your workflow.
  11. Ohh so you need to put the link of your submission form in the Localization. Here's a screenshot on how to: https://c0acs764.caspio.com/dp/ba4a60009a119570a12e4c478dc4/files/3354299 Used the deployed URL of your submission form for the link. -Barbie
  12. Hi @Barbie, I did this and now I am having a hard time about the localization. Where do I put the link and what link? thanks for your help.
  13. Hi @Batchini, What I suggest for this workflow is, create a Search and Submission form and then we will put the link on the Localization. So basically, you will be needing two DataPage here. If you searched a record and it is not existing there will be a link that will redirect you to a submission form otherwise the records will be displayed. Here's a sample DataPage of what I am trying to explain: https://c1acn120.caspio.com/dp/68f07000d1ce52704efb40e99fd6 Hope it helps. -Barbie
  14. I'm trying to build a insert or update type of form. If the record doesn't exist (in the database), then it will be inserted. If the record does exist, then it will be displayed completely to the user and the next submit button will just update the changes the user makes. How can I do that? I know how to do each task separately --- I can do a submission form and a single record update. But I'd like a combination of both now.
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  16. Continuation from my previous response: How this works is: DataPage "tbl Web Form" has this script in the Footer (HTML Editor disabled from the Advanced Tab). This script is responsible for submitting the instantiated form when function bulkSubmit() is called from HTML DataPage (i.e. when Bulk Submit! button is clicked). <script> function displayMessage (evt) { document.querySelector(`.cbSubmitButtonContainer [id*=Submit]`).click(); } if (window.addEventListener) { // For standards-compliant web browsers window.addEventListener("message", displayMessage, false); } else { window.attachEvent("onmessage", displayMessage); } </script> Next, let's talk about HTML Page (DataPage). So, we have two buttons. One, for instantiating a Submission Form DataPage upon click; and another button to submit all the instantiated DataPages. <button type="button" onclick="addIframe()"> Add </button> | <button type="button" onclick="bulkSubmit()"> Bulk Submit! </button> We also have an HTML container for the instantiated DataPages. <div id="ifr-container"></div> Finally, we have our JavaScript functions definition: <script type="text/javascript"> var ifrContainer = document.getElementById('ifr-container'); function addIframe() { var ifrCount = ifrContainer.childElementCount; console.log(ifrCount); ifrContainer.insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend', `<iframe class="cdr-iframes" src="[@app:URL_1]"></iframe>`); } function bulkSubmit() { document.querySelectorAll('iframe.cdr-iframes').forEach(function(elem){ elem.contentWindow.postMessage("", "*"); }); } </script> addIframe() inserts a new instantiation of the Submission Form in the HTML container. bulkSubmit() submits the instantiated Submission Forms one by one DN31337!
  17. Hello, I am attaching one solution you may want to try. Just download the attached ZIP file and follow the documentation to upload the app to your account. https://howto.caspio.com/apps/importing-an-app/ https://howto.caspio.com/apps/sharing-an-app/ Next, just select all your DataPages and deploy them: Lastly, just preview, deploy, or access the Direct URL of the DataPage named "HTML Page". How this works will be discussed in the next post. Hope this helps. DN31337! Multiple_Instances_of_SF_1_0_2019-Jul-19_0611.zip
  18. Thank you for replying to my post. I have had this problem twice in a short time, and the problem affects all apps, even the physician demo app. On the first occurrence under Chrome, I went to IE, and it, too, had the problem. I almost never use IE, and I am certain that I had not even loaded it since the computer had been on that time. When I went to Firefox, the problem was not there. Restarting solved the problem for Chrome and IE. I had the problem yesterday and so went to Firefox to do my work. Upon reading your post, I checked and the problem was there in Chrome and was there again in IE. So, guided by your post, at chrome://net-internals, I cleared my host resolver cache, flushed my socket pools, and cleared my bad proxies. That solved the problem under Chrome, but I don't know which of the three steps solved it. On IE, I cleared my browsing history and deleted temporary files and cookies. That did NOT solve the problem. Rebooting did solve the problem under IE. I'd like to point out that before posting, I attempted to enter a support ticket. My still being in trial mode, I was passed to sales, and Kevin Batt opened a support connection to my computer and witnessed the problem under Chrome and IE. He kindly enlisted the support department to follow up with 1 day of free support, and I was led to expect them to contact me shortly. They never did make any email or phone contact with me, whatsoever, to my disappointment. Days later, I noticed that they had cloned my app, but I have no idea what they did. I'm sure they saw normal behavior since it was on a different machine, but I wish they had at least told me that the problem was mine and not Caspio's or something more helpful. As a non-paying customer, I do not expect free support — except when I'm told I will get it. Caspio did not follow through on its promise. Perhaps they could have learned something from my problem so they could improve their software that apparently has some challenges with Chrome and IE.
  19. Thank you for replying to my question. For narrow columns, the field name jumps to the right a little into the next field. On wider columns, it appears to jump to the center of the column. Clearing cache solved the problem. Please see my reply to AtayBalunbalunan.
  20. Hey @Altair In addition to Andrew's answer, embedding a DataPage may cause lag on loading your extension.
  21. I will test that out. That might work for me. Thanks for the suggestion!
  22. *Photos for reference. Note that you may also do this in a Details DataPage.
  23. Hello eetimm, If I may suggest, maybe you can generate your results the Caspio way in a DataPage. 1.) Create a Tabular Report with Pohl_Data_Temp as your DataSource 2.) For "Configure Search Page Fields", set the Form Element of cert field to ListBox, then on Advanced, you can allow Multi-Select. 3.) To get max(CY_Inc), just sort your results with this field in descending order. 4.*) Optional. To get top 1, you can limit your results to just 1. Hope this helps DN31337
  24. Hi Tryeager, please try to clear your browser's cache or use a different browser. Also encountered this issue in Google Chrome but when I tried it in Mozilla Firefox, it works.
  25. Thanks for the help. The data in the search_alpha field is text, and I am using a multi-select listbox to create the field, and then using JS to format the field as "8426 OR 7506...". I use this field to create a subset of my overall database by passing the string as a parameter and using "contains" to limit the data. In this particular case, I am hoping to do some calculations (Min, Max, Avg) on the subset. My approach was to see if I could pass the string to the WHERE clause of a SQL Select statement so I can make the calculation only on the values in the subset. Not sure if this is the correct approach. The overall project is an online analysis tool that allows users to select a subset of industry firms and then view some basic metrics. There will be multiple users running the tool at the same time, and each one will be able to save their own subset of the industry for analysis. I appreciate any help!
  26. Hi @eetimm, Please note that below syntax in SQL query is incorrect because it is treated as a single string value: How do you store data in the field "search_alpha"? It would help if you could provide us with more insights on how this field is generated and what is the desired output of the Trigger. Regards, Vitalikssssss
  27. Hello @Altair Caspio Datapage can be embedded into HTML, PHP files and into CMS systems which support HTML embed code. If your Google Chrome extension uses HTML, you can embed the datapage there. Also, you can find more information here - https://howto.caspio.com/deployment/
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