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  3. Vipul, I agree with MayMusic on this. You don't want to use CSS to hide content that should be restricted by role as you can easily use the developer tool in most browsers to then see this content.
  4. robbiel

    Upload To Dropbox

    But does that scheduled export allow you to export the FILES - from what I can see, it only allows you to export the tables from you database. Not the files in your folder.
  5. MayMusic

    Multiple Rules for 1 Element

    You can add more Criteria to the same Rule for instance: Criteria: 1- Condition " Type of Member " Equal "Silver" 2- Add a new Criteria using the New Button 3- Condition " Type of Member " Equal "Gold" 4- By default "match any criteria (OR) " is selected and this is what you need to have Actions: Action "Required" Field or section: Select the item
  6. Hello @cdutoit62, With the release 13.0, you can now perform a calculation in Submission Form without inserting complex JS. You can check this article as well: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-13-0/ Regards, LunaLovegood of St. Catchpole
  7. DefinitelyNot31337

    Javascript Condition/show message

    Hello @PeterOConnor, Firstly, I would like to suggest to utilize the DataType of List - String. It would be much easier to do that. However, if you wouldn't want do that due to other dependencies, let's do some custom coding. Assuming this is a Details DataPage / Drilldown, you'd just need to replace '=' to '+=' after each 'innerHTML' In your case: ... document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML += "Retailer"; ... document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML += "Farmer"; ... And so on. You may want to see and inspect this DataPage I have created. Do note that I assumed that this is a Details Drilldown. If this is not the case (if you are referring to the Table, Gallery, or List), then we should not be using `<p id="Category"></p>`, at all, as a placeholder. Please let me know if this works. I hope this helps. D.N.31337
  8. DefinitelyNot31337

    Need to notify users that they would be logged out

    Hello @TroubleShooter, You may try to add this snippet of JavaScript Code in the footer (source) of your DataPage. Just read through the inline comments (//). Works for me in all DataPages where you can insert a Footer. <script> // Edit the values here to your liking var message = 'You will be logged out after [x] minutes. Please save your work to prevent input loss.'; var hour = 0; var min = 0; var sec = 3; // It is not necessary to edit things beyond this point //Do not edit the Hour, Min, Sec here. They are used as a Default Value! setTimeout(function(hour=0, min=0, sec=1) { //Do stuff here //Get Time Reference var timeRef = new Date().toLocaleTimeString('en-US'); //Show the timeRef and the Message alert('[' + timeRef + '] ' + message); //You can also do other stuff below such as (displaying a div, auto-press the save button, etc...) }, (hour*1000*60*60 + min*1000*60 + sec*1000) ); </script> Disclaimer: Use these JavaScript solutions at your own risk! They are provided to assist you in the customization of your programs and while we believe they work properly, by using them you accept all responsibility about them and confirm that they are not a feature of Caspio's platforms and as such are provided "as is" without any warranties, support or guarantees.
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  10. LunaLovegood

    API to Import Data from end user

    Hello @rgiljohann, To have an overview of Caspio WS API, I think you should go here first . You may check this one as well: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/importing-data/ Using DataHub , you can import files directly from online repositories such as FTP, SCP, and HTTP sites as well as Amazon S3. You can also export files to the same repositories or allow DataHub to send them to your via email.
  11. skyhawk562000

    Multiple Rules for 1 Element

    Hello all, I have created a datapage that I need to make a item/element required based off another drop down in another item/element. How can I add multiple rules for 1 element? Example: Item/Element 1: Member Number (The member number should only be required only if they are a Silver or Gold member) Item/Element 2: Type of Member ( Drop down ) Bronze Silver Gold
  12. We are looking to have an end user import an Excel file into a Caspio table. Is this possible given the Caspio APIs? I have not found anything on the forums that says I would be able to do it. I am open in terms of where they would import whether it is FTP or directly in Caspio. Thanks.
  13. LunaLovegood

    bad certificate problems with caspio website

    Hello again @rollandhuie, You don't have to fret as it will not affect your deployed application. Can you access the Caspio website now? I think you should be able to access it now with no error. You can also help the site by clicking on "Report False Positive" or "Report Mistake" and report that it shouldn't be blocked.
  14. Yes, its full screenshot. Thank You for looking into it, i could'nt make it work so moved on to a different approach than using trigger action.
  15. Ty BayShine, but its just not giving me the results. I have abandoned idea of using trigger action for get desired results and used a different approach.
  16. Hi, I want to create a report to calculate average work done by an individual in a month. Every individual is working on a unique caseid entered in the caspio database and i am recording caseid, individual name/email and timestamp. An individual can work on the same case id multiple days in a month, so i need to do sum total of all case-id's worked by an individual and divide it by number of days the individual worked in a month. Just cant get around to get the results using calculations here. How do i get distinct dates individual worked in totals and aggregation section in report datapage,? Appreciate your time and help!
  17. Have reports with uploaded fiel hyperlinks. Is there anyway to get them to show full link in an exported Excel file? I only get a generic path (/Documents/fileneame). For $100/month they said I could get it thru FileStor. If the web hyperlink opens the file shouldnt it have a URL? Current web reports show a URL like this: https://xxxxxxxx.caspio.com/dp/3f2d4000070b68a1c9fe494a832b/files/2650879 which, when clicked, opens the file for download. But direct past in browser address bar gives a not found 404. Their work around was to create an HTMl page with link to each file ceo https://76hype.pw/ 76hype
  18. rollandhuie

    bad certificate problems with caspio website

    the subject in details was: CN = www.caspio.com O = OpenDNS, Inc. L = San Francisco S = California C = US
  19. LunaLovegood

    bad certificate problems with caspio website

    Hi @rollandhuie, I am not getting any error when I access the Caspio Website. Can you click "Advanced", then copy-and-paste the entire contents of the error details and paste them here. Also, you can provide more details about the connection information. Click the Lock with Red Cross > "Details" link, which shows the Security Overview in DevTools. Then click the "View certificate" button
  20. just wondering if anyone else is getting phishing or bad certificate warnings with the caspio website. Should this impact embedded data pages?
  21. Scott

    Change End Dates

    Thanks for the response BaySunshine....I have the trigger working whereby I insert records into a different table and then bring them back into the original table with the trigger on it....However the email section of the trigger is not working???? Thanks for your help.... See below screen shot of the trigger...
  22. I am look for a JavaScript that I can use to activate a field in a result table, then make it editable so that the user can increase or decrease the value in the field by just clicking on a plus or minus button, which have counter-increment function, next to the field on the same row and finally update the field automatically. I would like to implement a script that can do this task instead of a user clicking on the edit button then adding value in the field and then click the update button. Has anybody done this. Please help. LM
  23. Setting a field as unique will prevent users from submitting data that duplicates value in that specific field. Easy enough... but is it possible to flag TWO fields to be unique as a "set" of sorts so say... a specific USERID couldn't submit two reports with the SAME TITLE... but the title field isn't unique because other users might submit a report or purchase a product with the same title? This would prevent a user from submitting the same data twice... by monitoring the USERID _and_ the TITLE field, as an example. Neither is unique in the table design, but no entry into the table could be the same combination of USERID and TITLE. I'm rambling and repeating myself, but wanted to make sure I convey what I'm after.
  24. Field 1 is a text box. Field 2 is a cascading dropdown off of Field 1. Using jQuery .val(), I am successfully updating the contents of Field 1. The problem is that Field 2 doesn't update it's cascade choices based on the new value in Field 1. It all works when I manually change Field 1 and the jQuery code is successfully putting the value in Field 1. I'm not sure where my issue is occurring. Thanks!
  25. Carlson

    Formula field - case statement for file fields

    Vitalikssssss, I tried this and noticed the left and right trim needs to be added for it to work correctly: CASE WHEN Len(Rtrim((Ltrim((CAST ([@field:File_field] as char)))))) > 1 AND Len(Rtrim((Ltrim((CAST ([@field:File_field] as char)))))) > 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END
  26. BaySunshine

    Change End Dates

    Hello Scott, This can be done by an update trigger followed by an email trigger on that table. Please attach an image of your trigger so we can see where the issue is. Thanks.
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  28. Looking to summarise a report data page where the result of 6 fields are summarised into 1 HTML block. In most cases only 1 of the fields will have value but it will be possible for there to be 2 fields with value. The following script appears to work however it has 2 issues 1. The HTML block only appears to activate with a result on the first result when there are multiple results 2. If 2 fields have value only one is displayed Can anyone assist Code is as follows <p id="Category"></p> <script> if("[@field:Retail^]" == "Yes"){ document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Retailer"; } if("[@field:Farmer^]" == "Yes"){ document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Farmer"; } if("[@field:Manufacturer^]" == "Yes"){ document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Manufacturer"; } if("[@field:Distributor^]" == "Yes"){ document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Distributor"; } if("[@field:MediaBlogger^]" == "Yes"){ document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Media Blogger"; } if("[@field:Organisation^]" == "Yes"){ document.getElementById("Category").innerHTML = "Organisation"; } </script>
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