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  3. I'm not versed in jQuery terms but I got this working with the following. First include the cdn of jquery on your Header, you get no errors, so, that means you already have it included, but for anyone who might need it HEADER > DISABLED HTML EDITOR <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.1/jquery.min.js"></script> FOOTER If you want to go through every input, then use 'input' instead of cbParam What the code in the if does is it goes to the parent element of the current input (it goes to div) then searches the NEXT sibling
  4. You probably want a Details Page, or Gallery Reports DataPage to display images, not a Submission Form. SIngle Record Update would do too, but Details Page is easier to use. Additionally, you can check out this Application Template if this is how you want to be creating https://www.caspio.com/apps/membership-directory/
  5. Hello @richs, this may need a JavaScript to restrict the users from inserting emojis on your submission datapage. You may check this for reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56049214/block-emoji-from-being-inserted-into-text-field/56050435 -Potato
  6. Hello @Yelbic, you may also check this How-to article to enhance your image display: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/create-a-lightbox-view-for-images/. -Potato
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  8. what do you mean element ID? How are you testing this script? Take note that there is a temporary APPKey for DataPage when you use Preview, the AppKey in its properties is the real appkey when the DataPage is accessed through any deployment method, if that's what you're using, the script will not work in the preview. To get the temporary AppKey, just click preview and copy the value at the end of the URL, do not close this preview, as it will change if you closed it and preview it again. Just to add, don't need this anymore, you're using *= that operator mean
  9. Is this a List DataPage or Gallery? This needs JavaScript, but let me know first what specific type of DataPage, maybe I can help you. Here's an example in a Gallery Report WEB https://c2aby549.caspio.com/dp/83ff800011ea20ceac2f4bc18328 MOBILE
  10. I have a script that works in my unpublished test application: <script> document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', function(event) { let checkValue = document.querySelector("select[id*='InsertRecordUWRadio']").value; if (checkValue == 'Yes') { let npiValue = document.querySelector("input[id*='InsertRecordNewNPI']").value; document.querySelector("input[id*='InsertRecordOrigNPI']").value=npiValue; } }); </script> UWRadio is a text field where I use a custom dropdown type with values "Yes" and "No" . NewNPI is a calcula
  11. Here is a CodePen example of the code above working on simple input elements. Just trying to get this to work on my datapage. I get no errors, just nothing happening. I have a feeling it is because every input element is wrapped in a div. I might just have to write a script for every step, i.e. if cbParamVirtual1 length = 2, go to cbParamVirtual2, and so on.
  12. I have a few virtual text fields on my submission form. I am trying to find a script that will automatically go to the next field when the previous one is filled. I wasn't too sure where to start with this, so I started with a stackoverflow article. $('*[class*="cbParamVirtual"]').keyup(function () { if (this.value.length == this.maxLength) { var $next = $(this).next('*[class*="cbParamVirtual"]'); if ($next.length) $(this).next('*[class*="cbParamVirtual"]').focus(); } }); Obviously it is a bit different because not all of my inputs share the same cla
  13. Hi I want to change location of "View Details" link in the mobile version. Right now the link located in the right top corner (i guess it's default location), I want to locate the link at the buttom left corver (see the screenshot) in my gallery report. Could anybody help with me with CSS Codes that can be used to control the location of the "View Details" on mobile/tablet? Thank you! Lily
  14. Hi, Wanted to add the solution about how to add the UpperCase() function to the particular field/fields on the Submission form. You may add the code to the Footer section of the DataPage (do not forget to disable the HTML editor before pasting): < script > document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', upperCaseHandler); const ids = '#InsertRecordFieldOneName, #InsertRecordFieldTwoName, #InsertRecordFieldThreeName'; //replace with your local field names function upperCaseHandler() { document.querySelectorAll(ids).forEach(element => element.addEventListener('change', (eve
  15. Caspio also offers Managed Application Services, You can browse their site to know more about it: https://www.caspio.com/services/managed-application-services/
  16. If you want, you can use JavaScript to set a default password, if it's blank, it will be the default password, or if you want to hide the password field and just want the user to change upon first login or whatnot, just set the value of the field to the said default password before submit.
  17. I tried this, and it is definitely because you are using #inserted as Destination and source. Maybe create a table variable and store the initial #inserted table there so you won't select from a table that's being constantly modified through the loop, or create another table altogether, that's where it conflicts.
  18. Why not Caspio themselves? They have developers you can consult your project with. They have this page, but, not sure if this works https://www.caspio.com/services/project-consultation/
  19. Hello. I have a trigger that is taking the difference of two dates (Date_Start and Date_End) and creating a new record for each one. In Example, if Date_Start is 5/10/2021 and Date_End is 5/12/2021, three new records should be inserted into the table, one for 5/10, 5/11, and 5/12. My problem is that my trigger is creating extra records in the table. Taking a look at the table and the trigger below may help understand the problem I am having. Here is the trigger. Var daycount is getting the difference in days. This number should be the amount of records that will be cre
  20. Can you disable responsive for the login page? I didn't see it as an option.
  21. Looking for an experienced Caspio consultant/programmer to support our Caspio project. We need someone with experience using caspio apis to exchange data with other systems - Shopify/AWS. Minimum 1 month (20/week) , likely assignment could be extended to 3-6 months
  22. Oh, alright, sorry about that, thank you for the solution, as well!
  23. Sorry @TellMeWhy, you may have missed the 'Edited' remark on my last response. I had found the solution myself and posted it there. It is working as intended. Thanks for the help!
  24. What happens? Do you have a sample DataPage? nothing happens when my 2 fields are null (2and 3 for timepicker 1 and 2) If I put a value, it appends, Maybe you have some stray script or triggered action?
  25. You could separate your search and results page into two different pages, like found in this article. Maybe create a new table, Search Log Table, with some of the same fields used in the search form (whatever fields you want to log). This would be for saving the search log results. Instead of using virtual fields like in the article mentioned, you would use these fields from the new table. Have these new search fields have the same lookup sources as the search form you have now so the data is the same. Then, like in the article, pass the parameters to the results page on submit
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