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  2. Hi @matstein, Can you provide the DataPage URL so I can check on my end? Or may also try the solutions provided here:
  3. @kristina Thanks for the quick response, still not having any luck after putting that code into the header. Any other ideas by chance? Thanks!
  4. Hi @BrandonWilde, If you are looking for a function like Excel Spreedsheet where you can edit a field directly, I suggest that you enable Grid edit on your Tabular DataPage. You may also refer to this article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/data-editing-options-in-reports/ for more details. Hope this helps. Cheers! -kristina
  5. Hi @matstein, You need to have custom code in order to achieve your desired result. You can add it on the Header of your DataPage or add it on the Users defined under Style. Here is the code: <style> .cbGridCtnr > .HeadCtnr { width: 100% !important; } .cbGridCtnr > .HeadCtnr > .Table { width: 100% !important; } .cbGridCtnr > .BodyCtnr .Cell > .Data { width: 100% !important; } .cbGridCtnr > .BodyCtnr > .Table{ width: 100% !important; } </style> Hope this helps. -kristina
  6. @VivianaKirkland I havent tried that kind of workflow yet but I think you can do something about that by using views. Lots of it. probably one per user level. Imma try something on my end and reply in here again this sunday... or never But I really think we can do something about this with views
  7. I can't get my grid edit columns to change width and match the normal report view column width. I would like them to be 50px but they won't go smaller than 100. I've changed all the CSS I could find, is there a trick? Thanks!
  8. I just got everything I was looking for. Thanks sergekaramazov
  9. @SunakoChan @kpcollier Worked perfect! Thank you both!
  10. Hello, I have set up a search form with Caspio. Lets assume there are 2 types of users: those who pay and those who use the service for free. Is there any way to limit the daily number of searches which the free user can run (say to 3 or 5 searches per day), while the users who are paying can run as many searches as they want daily, Thanks for your help !
  11. hiii! How do you port applications to multiple platforms?
  12. Hello, I would like to create a DATA PAGE that only gives access to SALES MANAGERS to then view a list of customers created by 1) himself and 2) by users within his team. I do not want SALES MANAGER "A" to be able to see SALES MANAGER "B" listings. There will be a team of 5 people assigned to Manager "A" and a team of 10 people assigned to MANAGER "B". 1. If MANAGER "A" logs in, I want him to see his customers as well as ALL of his teams customers. 2. If a user logs in, then I want him to see only his customers (nobody else from the team) Is this possible with RLS? How do I accomplish this?
  13. Hi, first time user with no HTML so please go easy on me. We want to allocate various jobs to a user. We currently run a tabular report to select a range of jobs but then have to go into the detail view of each job (record) to select the appropriate user from a dropdown in the allocate duser field, click update and return to results to allocate the next job. It works but but the guy using it says it was a lot simpler in Excel where he could simply click on the dropdown list in the appropriate cell under allocated user column and select a user. Is it possible to update using a dropdown in the tabular report? Or maybe design an update sheet where we could see multiple jobs and just update the allocated user field? Thanks
  14. Hi @matstein, To learn more regarding "CSS :nth-child() Selector", you may check it here: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/sel_nth-child.asp and you can also test it there.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hey @matstein, Please refer to this article: Something like this will work. Change the number within the () depending on which row you want to change color. Make sure to add this in your Header section of the Results Page Configuration and have 'Enable HTML Editor' unchecked. <style> td[class*="cbResultSetData"]:nth-of-type(5){ background-color: red !important; } </style>
  17. I am making a database to track oil change intervals, I'm basing it off a excel sheet the users currently use and I would like to make certain columns have a different colored background like below. These won't be based on certain criteria or anything, I always want the columns to have the green or blue backgrounds no matter the data. Thank you for your help!
  18. Hi @Shiro, You should use task for the action to be perform. You may check this documentation to know more about task https://howto.caspio.com/tasks/ and also watch this video
  19. Just to back up @NiceDuck's statement, here it is on the Caspio HowTo article referring to triggered actions: 'Triggered Actions currently will not run from import of data through either manual import or DataHub tasks.' Duck's workaround is your best bet. You need to first do something to the imported data to be able to manipulate it. Putting it into a dummy table and THEN filtering it is the way to go.
  20. Yolanda

    data transfer

    Hi Vitalikssssss - I didn't find the answer I just want to know how much data is used by every search? Is that calculated by the size of the records? p.e. if by a search I get 20 records as result does that count as more data transfered then if the result is only one record?
  21. Thank you but what I want is for each Lender to select all MSA_lender_ offerings that they offer. I don't want MSA_lender_offering to be pre-populated. To select, the lender must be able to see all of the 101 MSAs_1 offerings
  22. Hi @GWBjr, I assume that you would like to populate the table "MSA_Lender_Offering" with all possible combination of ID`s from "Lenders" and MSAs_ tables. If my assumption is correct than you can use Tasks to achieve this. Here is an example of Tasks which populates all possible combination of ID`s from Table_A and Table_B. Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
  23. Last week
  24. Hello again @Shiro That will surely wont work... The last time I check, trigger doesn't activates when you use import for updating or inserting data. I can suggest this workaround though. instead of directly updating your table from import, import your records to a dummy copy of your main table first then use Task to update the main table from records imported to dummy table. by then you can now use a condition statement to not include those records with blank values Hope it helps quack
  25. Hello y'all, This solution is great. I have tested it. However, on my use case, I had dropdowns and textareas which were not affected by the reset. I just wanted to share an updated code that will affect such. <button type="button" onclick="resetForm()">Clear Form</button> <script> function resetForm() { var myForm = document.querySelector('form[action*="[@cbAppKey]"]').querySelectorAll('input:not([type=submit]):not([type=hidden]), textarea, select'); myForm.forEach(function(elem) { elem.value=""; }); } </script> [src="carl.js"]
  26. Is there someway I can design a trigger so when I Import a records to my table, it will only import those records which have an actual value. When I try to update some records on my table via import, it overwrites everything even though some of the records imported are blank. I made a trigger that shall only update records which are not null via condition statement but it seems not working.
  27. Hi Vitalikssssss, Thanks for the tip. That was excately what i was looking for and it works great! Sincerely Ras
  28. Just an update: Caspio released a new awesome video about Progress Bar. You might check this one out!
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