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  3. Thanks @telly . I'm able to set a few properties, like the border width of the fields using the method you described, and the payment processor fields seem to pick it up. However, other properties, like the placeholder text color and field height it seems to ignore. The odd thing is, if I use the inspector in Firefox, it looks like it is using correct property value of 40px for the height. But when I hover over the field it is 50px in height, so all of the payment processor fields appear taller than my other fields on the form. The other odd thing is that the payment processor fields will pick
  4. Hi Jay - I know this is an old post but I am currently working on a very similar project and would like to know how you did this without API's? Thanks
  5. Java coding in new Macbook pro is very smooth and fast. Macbook has its own feature along with java coding. Suggest some ideas to create Indian clothing website through java coding.
  6. Hi @petercohen090, You may check their Ready Made Application at https://www.caspio.com/apps/, And then you can configure the style of the DataPage, for reference on style you may check this: https://howto.caspio.com/styles/ . You can also add a custom code on there you just need to know the class. I hope it helps ^__^
  7. Hi @SunakoChan, You may use the code below on your DataPage header <style>.highcharts-text-outline {stroke: none;}</style> For reference you may check this article: https://codersblock.com/blog/creating-glow-effects-with-css/
  8. Hi Team, May you please help me to remove the white glow in the percentage? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi @JayDub, I have successfully configure the style of my payment processor. Just go to the edit style > Form/Details > Layout : From here you can change the layout and the background, alignment, border color Or you can go to edit style > Form/Details > You can choose label, fields, and button: Here is a screenshot of a sample DataPage with Payment: I hope it helps
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  11. Hi - I've found the basic payment processor styles under Form/Details/Fields/Payment Processors but as far as I can see, you can only make changes to a few things, like the font, etc. How do you control other aspects of the fields holding the payment information, such as the width, border size, etc? I ask because on my form, the payment fields do not take on the style settings that I have created for the other fields on the form. I'm sure there is a way to fix this, but I haven't been able to find it. Thanks!
  12. The solution above mostly works, but we ended up having to subtract milliseconds as well.
  13. Hello... I have a similar question as the OP. When I use the below JS solution, the entire page reloads. I have multiple (6) datapages deployed on the same webpage and I only want 3 of them to be autorefreshed. AJAX loading is enabled so i am aware that when an action is taken in one of the datapages, the results will refresh in the others but I am looking for a solution independent of taking an action in one of the datapages. <script language="javascript"> setTimeout(function(){ window.location.reload(1); }, 30000); </script>
  14. Hello @databydesign, Welcome to the Caspio Forum! CAPTCHA should be available in all plans. You may add it when creating the 'Submission form' DataPage on the "Web Form Wizard - Configure Fields" screen. Please refer to this link: How to add CAPTCHA To add a "list from which to choose location" you may create a Lookup table with the different locations and then use it for the Dropdown, Listbox or Cascading element on the DataPage. You may find the following links helpful: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/lookup-tables/ https://howto.caspio.com/data
  15. I am trialling the program for a job that will ultimately require a higher subscription - paid for by the client. In the meantime, I am undertaking the training. I have some previous experience in FileMaker Pro. For the demo, I need Captcha and a list from which to choose location. I looked at the help for Captcha and when I look in the filed type, I don't see it. Are both these features available in the free version? I need something very similar to the demo of physicians; I see that spam is not usually an issue but the client has requested Captcha or similar. Thanks for your time, it's much
  16. You can use CSS to style it: You will put this on your header. <style> tspan.highcharts-text-outline { stroke: red !important; } </style> You can also try to modify it via JS using HighChart API Put this on your header: <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.2.1.js"></script> <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-migrate-3.0.0.js"></script> Footer: <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(window).load(function() { Highcharts.charts[0].update({ series: { dataLabels: { style: {
  17. Hi Is there a way of modifying data labels in a pie chart? I want to have a red glow on the text 2 and 4 or change font size.
  18. Normally, I would rather use the not exist operator to check if the record does not exist yet. Just like this. I try using "Not in" before but I encounter some errors so I prefer using this more
  19. Hi Sherif, It's been awhile since I posted this so I don't remember exactly which submission form I was working on (my app is huge with 500 datapages). However, I believe what I had to do was use js to fill that field, based on what the other fields were. So the js the button ran updated the first 2 fields and then, after that, updated the 3rd field (set to a regular text value instead of a calculated value). Hope this helps--
  20. Thanks! As a Caspio newbie would I never have come up with that. When I had this DB in Access I would just use a series of Union queries such as: SELECT Jan from Table1 UNION SELECT Feb from Table1 etc... Confirming that is not possible is Caspio? For that matter it appears that any use of SQL isn't available ?
  21. How is new normal affecting online and offline business. Would it be a good decision if i start an online shopping website now?
  22. Hi, just to add, you can also check this out for general deployment guide for your reference: https://howto.caspio.com/ready-made-apps/deployment-guidelines/
  23. Hi Mitch, perhaps you can use a Trigger/Task to move the un-pivoted data version of the table to another. You can then create a loop to insert records for each column. As of now, the "un-pivot" feature is not available.
  24. Hi @Farnsbarnes, perhaps you can change the zoom level on your browser and see if that helps.
  25. I Also want to suggest ths workflow, I made this one before but I kindof forgot the details. I hope this helps Email Authentication.docx
  26. Hi all, Have a need to convert fields to rows leaving the original table intact and storing the result in a new table (or view). In some tools this would be referred to as an "unpivot" function. How would I do this is Caspio? See "Current data" and "Unpivoted data" below. Thanks. Current data: Jan Feb Account 1 20 40 Account 2 60 10 Unpivoted data: Account 1 Jan 20 Account 2 Jan 60 Acco
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