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  3. These type of urls , used to work flawlessly Last night it stopped working. it gives "File or Directory Not Found" error We use this type of display of images a lot with our apps. any idea why??? Update - Caspio support was helpful and found out it was a corrupt datapage. Recreated the datapage and everythings right as rain:)
  4. Mathilda, Can you please give the step by step process (with javascript , if any for this) for option 2. Thanks !
  5. Hi everybody, i need to update a field i the database when a checkbox is checked here is my code but it's not working: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function Updatestatus() { if (document.getElementById("approved").checked==true) { document.getElementById("status")="approved"; } else if (document.getElementById("approved").checked==false) { document.getElementById("status")="pend"; } document.getElementById("update as").onsubmit= UpdateQty; </SCRIPT>
  6. Hi, sure it's possible to resize the iframe. This article should be helpful
  7. Hello, This is not related to Wordpress deployment. If you need to pass parameters , don't use iframe deployment method, since iframe is considered as a separate element on a webpage. So Iframe is not an option if you need to pass parameters or redirect customer to another webpage after form submission, etc.
  8. Hi Ivy, I have good news for you I was able to make it to work with jquery. Wrap your fields in div with ID cbform-improvement. Also you need to disable ajax on your report and paste the following script in the footer: <script> $("#cbform-improvement #Mod0InlineEdit").click(function(e){ var chkbx_before = "[@field:Field_name^]"; var chkbx_now = $("[name=InlineEditField_name]").is(':checked'); if(chkbx_before!="Yes"){ if(chkbx_now){ var timestamp = '[@cbTimestamp]'; $("[name=InlineEditField_for_date]").val(timestamp); } else { var timestamp = ''; $("[name=InlineEditField_for_date]").val(timestamp); } } }); </script> Don't forget to paste your field names.
  9. The login data page is being blocked from being used as soon as the page renders. I checked the console and the embed code seems to be causing a problem. This is the message in the console. A Parser-blocking, cross-origin script,…nI9YzU0NDUwMDBkZTVmNTFjZGIwMmU0MzNlODJiOQ==&cbEmbedTimeStamp=1487653960962, is invoked via document.write. This may be blocked by the browser if the device has poor network connectivity. See for more details. f_cbload @ embed.js:1 (anonymous) @ ?cbr=c544500…:56 The chrome status link talks about 2g connections. I'm on a desktop. Does anyone have a clue on what could cause this issue?
  10. Hello, I don't know if it's Wordpress issue but for some reason, whenever I deploy a datapage in iFrame, both wordpress code and html code, it wont receive any parameters however when using different deployment, it's working fine. Currently I deployed the datapage using the other means but I'd prefer using iFrame on some instances. Thank you.
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  12. Hi Twired, Thanks for the tips on this- I do understand re an image not being stored in the table but instead the path to that image is stored and then the image grabbed to open (that's how I used to set up my Access databases with image files). I believe what you're suggesting above is referencing the original image via a joined table in a View. Unfortunately, this isn't what I need to do. I need to actually duplicate the image into the new table. This is because the data in one table is used as a reference point to add records to another table but beyond that the are not relatable. As in table1 is a 'Catalogue' with records to draw from. Those records are used (sometimes) to populate records in table2 'Items' which are actual physical 'items and work' on a project. Once a record is in the Items table it is independent and can be changed in many ways. Likewise, the Catalogue record that was used to first 'create' the Items record can and will be changed. The image may be changed along with other information- but the 'Items' record that was made for it needs to NOT change also (because it is now an independent entity). Meaning if an image in the Catalogue record is changed then the image in the related Items record must NOT also change. So a View with joined tables would not work for this. This isn't a relational database 'don't duplicate data' issue- in this particular case I do actually need to duplicate some records, instead of using FKs. Hence, my query about how to duplicate the image into the new table. As per your explanation above, I was hoping to be able to duplicate the image path to the new table, into the image field. Because users enter data in this table in a few ways, manually as well as by copying from the 'Catalogue' table- so images need to be in a single field for displaying purposes. I can't have a field for manual upload when a record is manually created, and a separate (text) field for a 'copied' record from the Catalogue. The image field is used all over the app and if there are 2 fields (one an image field, one a text field from copying) it will not work in many (complicated) displays. So the fact that an image file must be user-uploaded (thanks for pointing that out) means that I can't copy the image path itself into an 'image' field, only to a text field. So that's a no-go, unfortunately. I had Caspio do some custom work on duplicating records in this way but was hoping to avoid that expensive and time-involved route, if possible. If I come across a solution I'll definitely post it here for others. Also, thanks again for your help on this- much appreciated either way.
  13. Hi Mylene, I have a solution for you. Use the following script in the footer of the form: <script> document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").onchange= function() { if (document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").checked==true) { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPublished").checked=true; } else if (document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").checked==false) { document.getElementById("InsertRecordSubscribed").checked=false; } } </script> In my script the virtual field has index "1", because my virtual field id the first one on the datapage. You may find more info about referencing virtual fields here Also replace "Subscribed" with your fieldname.
  14. Hey, everyone! I need help again I'd like to check a checkbox when another checkbox is checked and vice versa. I have a submission form with virtual field. And if that field is checked I need to check the "Subscribed" checkbox field on the same datapage. Thanks!
  15. Hi Mathilda, Thanks a lot for the reply. I tried testing all the possible scripts discussed in forum and it all did not work. And now I know the reason why. Your response is what I badly needed. Thanks heaps. Ivy
  16. Hi, I'm using iFrame to deploy my Caspio code to Wordpress. For example, a search page. The search page shows up nicely but I can't see the scroll bar to scroll up and down to see all the search parameters on offer unless I touch within the iframe with my cursor. Only then the scroll bar (up/down) appears. Is there a way to have it show up permanently so a user can see it and know that scrolling is possible? Ir even better, is there a way to enlarge the IFrame so that scrolling isn't necessary. I would prefer no scrolling within the frame. I would prefer the frame just expands to the width of the content it's trying to display. It's not that much. Thanks
  17. Hi, I am creating a search via a Submission Form. I want the search to be able to search within a range of numbers in a couple of ways -- 1. The scores are between 1 and 10 so I want to search for those entries who scored in these ranges -- 1- 3, 4- 6, 7-9 and then 10 2. The scores are between 1 and 300 and I want to search for the top 10%, then next 10% (eg 11 - 20%) and so on. There might be better ways to search ranges of numbers. So if you have suggestions, as well as answers to above, I'd love to hear them. Thanks very much.
  18. Just some pointers:) ---------------------------- 1) One cannot copy a file or image to another table, just by code on the front end (lets say javascript) . Its because of security reasons its disallowed. There has to be user intervention (choose and submit) by the user to do that. 2) in caspio, images/files are not actually stored in the table, A file or image is actually stored in a folder (>> All Assets , Click on Files) >> ONLY a URL Link or path to the file is stored in the table field So basically , you dont need to "copy" the image over. *if you want to, you can copy the path to the image, in another tables field . The copied-to field must be a text field. After Submission of the saved image, whenever you want to reference the image , do so with a view (which has both tables) So if you create a relationship/Join between the 2 tables. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table 1 Table 2 Table1ID (autonumber) Table2ID (autonumber) Table1FKID (Integer) << Foreign Key Join Table1 (Table1ID) >>One to Many >> Table2 (Table1FKID) Create a View ------------------------ Inner Join Table1 (Table1ID) >>One to Many >> Table2 (Table1FKID) Results or Report data Page (Referencing the saved image from Table 1 : in reports from other tables) --------------------------------------------- Use the View above as Data Source. Heres a working demo If you need any help, let me know...:) Thanks !
  19. Hello, Try adding IsNull on the field inside the Sum. SELECT Sum(IsNull(FieldTwo,0)) From tTable_Name WHERE tTable_Name_Field = '[@field:FieldOne]' EDIT: I didn't noticed the date. I reported this post. Sorry. I saw this thread at the top where the unanswered threads are located.
  20. Hi Twired, Thanks for the tip on this. I created a View as you mentioned but the problem is that the file I need to copy is in the table that the submission form doesn't give the option to list fields for (because it only allows fields on the editable table, which is the other table). So I have table:TableA with the file images field:mysavedImage I need to copy that image to table:TableB into field:mynewImage I've created a View with TableA and TableB, linked by an ID field. The issue, unless I'm misunderstanding something, is that on the Submission form I can list TableB.mynewImage but I can't figure out how to get TableA.mysavedImage on that form. It won't allow TableA fields because it's not the editable table. I'll play around with it and see what I can do- thanks for the direction on this-
  21. Hi Mathilda, That is an awesome solution- nice and simple and works perfectly! Thanks so much for that, it really will help streamline my entire app. Caspio should put this in their javascript solutions because it's applicable in many places.
  22. HI Diversity, As Mathilda mentioned, you have to hit "Source" button (in footer) and then paste the code in. Also, Hold down Control key when selecting from the listbox.
  23. I have an idea how you may implement that. - Add a virtual field to the search form, receive default value 1. - Hide field using html blocks, you may find solution here - insert the following script into the footer: <script> window.onload = function hide(){ } var x = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value; if (x=="1") { if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('caspioform').submit(); } } </script> Virtual field receives default value only on the first load, that is why search form will be hidden and auto-submitted only on the first load of the form, so if you hit "search again" link, you will be able to use search form as usual. Hope that helps Cheers!
  24. Hello, Why don't you use formula field on the table level? Example of the formula: Dateadd(mm, [@field:Calibration_Frequency ],[@field:Last_Calibration]) If Java script is a better option for you, you may check this post
  25. Hi Ivy, As far as I know, we can't use java script in Inline edit mode. That's why I would recommend editing record on details page. That script should work on details page
  26. You need to hit the source tab before inserting code to the footer. This article should help. Also don't forget to change the filed name in the code and you need to hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard while clicking on the required values simultaneously. Hope that helps
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