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  2. Any ideas on how to insert a custom link next to the standard link that you can choose to allow users to download records into Excel/csv in a gallery report. See attached image.
  3. I tried this but it didn't work
  4. Hi guys, You can try this workaround: Create a parent dropdown from an existing field, say Status. Insert a cascading virtual text Field, say Virtual1. Then configure it so that it filter-cascades from the Status field in STEP #1. Then create a textarea field from another existing field, say Canned_Message. Create an HTML block with the Source button enabled. Then use this sample script inside the HTML block from STEP #4: <!-- Latest jQuery + jQuery Migrate --> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <script> $(document).ready( function () { // TODO: Update the names accordingly var parentFieldName = 'Status'; var virtualFieldName = 'Virtual1'; var textAreaFieldName = 'Canned_Message'; // WARNING: Please don't modify code beyond this point // Parent dropdown (can also be a virtual field) var getParentField = function () { return $('select[name^="InsertRecord' + parentFieldName + '"]'); } // Cascading VIRTUAL text field (will be hidden via CSS) var getVirtualField = function () { return $('input[id^="cbParam' + virtualFieldName + '"]'); } // Cascading textarea (will get its value from the cascading text field above) var getTextAreaField = function () { return $('#InsertRecord' + textAreaFieldName); } var getRichTextField = function () { return $('iframe[title="Rich Text Editor, InsertRecord' + textAreaFieldName + '"]').contents(); } var addEventListeners = function () { var parentField = getParentField(); var vField = getVirtualField(); var richText = getRichTextField(); vField.on('change', setTextAreaContents); richText.ready(setTextAreaContents); } // The workaround var setTextAreaContents = function (event) { var parentField = getParentField(); var vField = getVirtualField(); var textArea = getTextAreaField(); var richText = getRichTextField(); var selected = parentField.val(); var textToDisplay = vField.val(); if (textArea.length > 0 && richText.length > 0) { $('body', richText).html(textToDisplay); } else { textArea.html(textToDisplay); } }; // Hide the virtual field via CSS var vField = getVirtualField(); vField.parent().parent().hide(); // Enable the cascading textarea addEventListeners(); // Manually trigger the dropdown 'onchange' event var parentField = getParentField(); parentField.trigger('change'); } ); </script> Please don't forget to change the name of: The parent field (Status) The virtual field (Virtual1) The text area (Canned_Message) This workaround works properly, regardless of whether the rich text editing toolbar is enabled or not in the Advanced tab. Thanks.
  5. It seems that you didn't hit the "Source" tab before inserting code. You can find more info here
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  7. Thanks for your help. The problem is now solved. The keys were, as you said, the 'insertrecord' reference would not work in assigning the values to the variable or in the else portion of the if statement. We had to program around that on the form itself. I hope Caspio will update their pages regarding Java Script syntax for parameters to include those VERY VALUABLE tidbits of info. Thank you Mathilda.
  8. when I added the html and logged in this appears and it doesn't take me to the personal.html although I added the personal.html page on my website but it doesn't take me there.
  9. What datatype those fields have? I have a few ideas, which I hope will be helpful. - Your variables A, A and MD are not defined (the syntax var= is missing). - "Insert record" syntax will not work since there is no form on the "show message" page, you can refer to fields using parameter picker, like var a = '[@Mailing_Addr_Type]'; - try using style.visibility.hidden instead of display none. I have a simple example of the similar workflow. <p id="first">[@field:First_name]</p> <p id="second">[@field:Last_name]</p> <script> var x = '[@field:Last_name]'; var y= '[@field:First_name]'; if(x==y){ document.getElementById("first").style.visibility="hidden"; }else{ document.getElementById("second").style.visibility="hidden"; } </script> Hope that helps
  10. Hi, you an may rules for your workflow. 1. Criteria will be like that: when auth parameter is not equal to field#2 Action: hide a section with text (you need to place html block with text in a separate secion) 2. For example you have 4 radio buttons. Since we can use field in action section only once you need to define all the cases when a specific field should be disabled. - rule 1: criteria - when field1 is blank OR field3 is blank OR field4 is blank. Action: make field2 disabled - rule 2: criteria - when field1 is blank OR field2 is blank OR field4 is blank. Action: make field3 disabled - rule 3: criteria - when field1 is blank, OR field2 is blank OR field3 is blank. Action: make field4 disabled
  11. Thank you so much. I was struggling on how to approach this and this worked perfectly.
  12. Hi all ! 1- Does anyone has a solution for this? I need to hide some text on the details page, when AuthField' value is not equal value from the Field#2. 2- am looking for a way to disable a radio button. If I select one I can only switch to another one. I want to be able to leave all radio buttons blank. Is there any way to do that? Thank you all
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  14. Hello- I'm trying to apply conditional formatting to a drop-down box in a Submission Form DataPage. For example, when the user selects "Fail" from the drop-down box, I want the background of the box to turn red. Here's the code I tried to use without success. I pasted this into an HTML block directly after the drop-down box. <script> var select = document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec"); select.onchange = function(){ var selectedString = select.options[select.selectedIndex].value; if (selectedString == "Fail") { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec").style.color = "red"; } Else { document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrint_Asmt_Rec).style.color = "black"; }} </script> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I would appreciate any help you can provide on the following: I this java script on an input form where the parameter [@SU_Type] is passed into the page through a link. THIS SCRIPT WORKS perfectly: <h5><span id="business2" style="color:#263C87;">Company Information:</span></h5> <script> TypeC=[@SU_Type] if(TypeC == 1) {document.getElementById("business2").style.display = "none"} </script> THE PROBLEM: I'm trying to do something very similar on the email/destinations page of another form and it is NOT working. In this form the parameters [@Mailing_Addr_Type] and [@Mailing_Check] are being used in the form and should then be passed, which I am assuming makes them available for use on the Destinations page. However, no matter how I format them in the Jave on the Destinations page of the form the Java does not seem to read the values. I have tested the java itself on other sites and it works if a Value is assigned to md directly. What am I missing? This is my latest iteration, treating the variables as values on the same form as the Java. It does not work. I have tried the following parameter formats: [@field:Mailing_Addr_Type] (with and without the # at the end) [@Mailing_Addr_Type] Thanks for taking the time to look at this. CODE THAT IS NOT WORKING (with fake link info): <h4>Your submission was successful.</h4> <p id="answ3">If you wish to enter additional addresses:</p> <p id="answ2">It appears that the address you entered was not a mailing address (or was not marked as one). Please click the link below and enter a mailing address that can be used in the letter of authorization document. This is required by the utility, not us. Thank you.</p> <button onclick="location.href='https://www.GOOGLE.COM/'" type="button">Add another address</button> <p><span id="answ1">Or, if you are done entering addresses: </span></p> <span id="answ4"><button onclick="location.href='https://www.GOOGLE.COM/'" type="button">Proceed to the Letter of Agreement</button></span><br /> <br /> <script> A=document.getElementById("InsertRecordMailing_Addr_Type").value; B=document.getElementById("InsertRecordMailing_Check").value; md=A+B if(md==0) { document.getElementById("answ1").style.display="none"; document.getElementById("answ3").style.display="none"; document.getElementById("answ4").style.display="none"; } else { document.getElementById("answ2").style.display="none"; document.getElementById("InsertRecordMailing_Check").value=1; } </script>
  16. You may create a relationship between tables and enable referential integrity. In this case, user will not be able to submit a value into the related table which doesn't exists in the parent table. You can find more info here
  17. Thanks Mathilda but what I want is to automate this rather than have a person required to update the table.. I am looking into creating a zapier
  18. Have you tried creating a view? You can join two tables and allow editing data from the 2nd table. Hope that helps
  19. I have a few ideas: - your credentials are already cached in your browser - try opening in another browser - you specified incorrect designated entry page. You can find this setting in the time out and redirection section under Advanced setting in your authentication. You can read more here
  20. I have a DB that receives data from a zapier that feeds in Stripe payment data. I want to match the payment data to the customer data that is another table. If I was using sql I would select the new entry in the Stripe data table and find the match in the customer table and then read the data from table i and then modify the data in table 2. Is is possible to automate this in Caspio or do I need to develop something in zapier to do this?
  21. I did the same as the tutorial of the registration form but when I came to copy the html for the login screen html and paste it on weebly website builder and nothing showed on the page and it lags and never opens. This a picture of the html that I got.
  22. I have a table with student details and a checkbox for approved status. The approved checkbox is editable in the Tabular Report and if the admin updates the student by approving him/her a notification email is sent. Is there a way in which the notification email will be sent only if the admin approves the student (marks the checkbox)? Because right now the notification email is sent even when the student's status is updated to be unapproved from approved. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Thanks for your message
  24. I have a table of Universities and Courses linked together and I use this as a datasource for the University dropdown. Next, I made the Course field a Cascading Autocomplete based on the same table where the cascade is filtered by University Name and Autcomplete is filtered by Course Name. The problem I have is that the form still accepts any random value the user enters in the Course field. Is there a javascript code which I could use or something similar that displays an error if the user enters a Course that is not linked to the University he/she has chosen. I could but do not want to use a dropdown because there will be 100+ values
  25. Formula field cannot be edited because value is calculated using other fields. However you may use the following workaround. Add a separate field where customer will be able to enter preferable date and update your formula with additional condition, like CASE WHEN Len([@field:customer_date])>0 THEN [@field:customer_date] ELSE write your formula END Insert your current formula instead of "write your formula" Cheers
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