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  1. (REST) Insert multiple records at once

    I know this is an old post but I faced this issue a couple of weeks ago. First, you should do API request through PHP since if you do it through AJAX or JavaScript you are exposing to the all users that reach your app your credentials and anyone with basic/intermediate knowledge can do pretty much anything they want with your DB if permissions are not set properly. I tackled this by looping in PHP and then sending only the data through AJAX but as you mentioned, it may take some time, plus you need to create a queue for 300 records as you dont know if a record may fail so you need to handle all this. Hard to accomplish but you can get a good PHP developer to do this or Caspio Prefessional Development can do anything you can imagine too.
  2. Parameters

    I think you can try using Javascript, specifically encodeURIComponent() You could encode only the value you are having issues with. Let me give you an example: <a id="myLink">Text to Display</a> <script> var field = document.getElementById("yourField"); var link = document.getElementById("myLink"); var encodedStr = encodeURIComponent(field.value); link.href = "" + encodedStr; </script> I hope it helps.
  3. Going directly from one atapage to another

    Hi, Are you trying to copy results from DP1 to a different table? Why are you trying to do that? Could you provide more details to give you a proper solution?
  4. Hi egilley, Remember that in submission pages the fields are called "InsertRecordNameofyourField". When working with detail pages it would be "EditRecordNameofyourField". Have you tried referencing this way when using update pages??
  5. Help With User Registration Process-Login Page

    I used to use a website builder. As my knowledge grows, I've realized that developing or managing your website gives you endless possibilities. I'd like to recommend learning a bit of HTML, CSS and Java since you can do almost everything you want. Besides, you would find more information regarding these universal languages rather than a website builder. It's my opinion and advice since it has worked for me.