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    I am using a login script that re-directs a person to a specific page based on a role in. Is there a way to modify this script to check a yes/no box to yes when logging in.. then somehow run a script that checks the biox to "no" when logging out of the system or being timed out of the system? Here is the script I am using to log in... <script> if("[@authfield:Role]" == "Admin"){ window.location = "admin.html?UserID=[@authfield:User_ID]"; } else if("[@authfield:Role]" == "Agent"){ window.location = "actionlog.html?UserID=[@authfield:User_ID]&FN=[@authfield:First_Name]&LN=[@authfield:Last_Name]"; } else{ window.location = "oops.html"; } </script> Thanks -Mike
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    Numeric key pad

    Is it possible on mobile in a number only field to force a phone to display the number pad instead of the full keyboard?
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    Hi JckDY, API calls are counted on either using Caspio Bridge Plugin for Microsoft Office or your custom program using APIs to access, edit, insert into Caspio's database tables.Insert other media
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    Yes, there is a length limit of 10,000.
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    Hi JckDY, I think the maximum number of Calculated fields that you may have on your Results page is 50. -JolliBeng
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    Thanks, @DefinitelyNot31337. You know I'm going for the slightly unrelated, neat trick. Will try this out over the weekend. Happy Holidays to you, too!
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    Have you tried clearing cache/cookies? Try that and see if it still persists. The old version of a datapage should not even be saved unless you have the right Caspio Plan. I have been using Google Chrome with Caspio for about a year, but have also tested my work on Firefox, IE, and Edge. They are all compatible on my end. Make sure you have the updated datapage deployed and try viewing it through the deploy URL instead of the Preview button.
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    Sending SMS via Twilio

    Hi @Watusi, Yes, it is possible using Zapier, an online automation tool for creating automated workflows (zaps) between applications. Here is a video tutorial on how to integrate your Caspio applications with Twilio using Zapier: You may also read through this article for more information about integration with Zapier: https://howto.caspio.com/integration/zapier/ Cheers!
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    Keyboard Hotkeys

    Hi @Watusi, The following keyboard hotkeys are available in table and view datasheets: Enter and Down/Up Arrows – Saves the record and moves focus to the next row. Shift+Enter – Saves the record and moves the focus to the previous row. Alt+Enter (Option+Enter on Mac) – Adds a line break inside a field. Ctrl+S (Control+S/Command+S on Mac) – Saves the record without requiring the cursor to move to another record. You can find the information here. Cheers!
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    Hi @kpcollier, I think you can create a Formula field in your table with a case expression to check if the field "Shipping Confirmation" is empty or not. Here is an example of Formula expression: CASE WHEN Len([@field:Shipping_Date])>0 THEN 'YES' ELSE 'NO' END Next, you should use this field in your search criteria and assign "Checkbox" form element. You should use the following settings: Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
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    Different login html page

    To add on top of this, you can check out this article as well. If you want specific users or groups to be taken to specific pages, you can do so with Login Redirections. This article shows you how to set up a stand-alone log in page as well as the back end work needed to make the redirections work. There is a video on this subject as well that is very thorough and easy to follow. Thanks, KPC
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    Troubleshooter, You can get around the issue in rules not working due to no editable fields, by adding the fields as hidden type or wrap them in a table to hide them, then display the values using virtual fields. Also, you can set rules to receive an authentication parameter to use in the logic of the rule.
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    Hi @TroubleShooter, In my opinion, a straight forward approach for this is to create an Authentication for each of your Users (Type A, Type B, and Type C). Then create a Report DataPage for each user type, and then implement Record Level Security. For more details about how to implement RLS kindly check this link https://howto.caspio.com/getting-started/record-level-security-stamping-new-records/ This way, you don't need to use / debug custom codes Hope this helps. Regards, TsiBiRu
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    Try going back to edit the trigger and hit Validate. If it says it works, I would duplicate the Trigger and delete the original. Otherwise, I believe hitting up Caspio Support and/or starting a ticket would be the best case for Error Codes that you cannot find information on.
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    Has anyone used PageViewIncrement in details pages? I'm following this article but the field doesn't appear in my details page in Preview and even in deployed URL. I used a Number field and followed every steps but to no avail.
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    Hello @Watusi, You cannot display the value of the field in Details Page if it is set to PageViewIncrement. However, you can insert a calculated field and pass the value to it. Just like this: Hope this helps. Regards, kristina
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    Another approach is to use JavaScript. It's similar to the previous post but we're going to use JavaScript in this one. By this approach: 1.) Same as previous post, first is to enclose your field/group of fields in a <div> tag, or <table> tag in HTML Blocks. (You will only need two HTML Blocks at most. If you want to hide an HTML Block, just enclose it in a <div> tag ). 2.) Instead of a class, put an ID attribute for each blocks we want to hide (the condition will be defined later in the JavaScript). Sample usage would be <div id="block1"> OR <div class="block1"> 3.) Once you have setup the class on the HTML Blocks, it's time to do JavaScript. Add a Footer, disable the HTML Editor from the Advanced tab, and paste the code below. (duplicate a whole block and edit the values as needed) <script> /* Block BEGIN */ var elemId = "block1"; var fieldName = "[@field:type]"; var fieldEqualTo = "typeA"; //Edits are unnecessary from this point to END var elem = document.querySelector(`[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #${elemId}`); if (fieldName == fieldEqualTo) { elem.style.display = "none"; } /* Block END */ </script> 
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    PCI Compliance

    Hi, Yes, I was informed by the support that all accounts are PCI compliant by default. They gave me this as a proof. I think they also have this HIPAA and Compliance Accounts which are better in terms of Data Encryptions. You can check their plans here: https://www.caspio.com/pricing/standard-edition/
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    Export unavailable

    Hi @Perzival, You can now export your App with Tasks in it. It is included in the recent release of Caspio Bridge 16.0 last December 6, 2018. You can find the information here. Cheers!
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    Hi @bbeshlian , Here is a snippet of JavaScript and JQuery code to hide columns if they are empty: <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function(e){ var $table = $('.cbResultSetTable:first'); var tbody = $table[0].tBodies[0]; var colsLen = tbody.rows[0].cells.length, rowsLen = tbody.rows.length; var hideNode = function(node) { if (node) node.style.display = "none"; }; for (var j = 0; j < colsLen; ++j) { var counter = 0; for (var i = 1; i < rowsLen; ++i) { if (tbody.rows[i].cells[j].textContent.trim() == '') ++counter; } if (counter == (rowsLen-1)) { for (var i = 1; i < rowsLen; ++i) { hideNode(tbody.rows[i].cells[j]); } hideNode(tbody.rows[0].cells[j]); } } }); </script> You should put the code above into the Footer element on the Search and Report Wizard - Configure Results Page Fields.
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    Auto Focus After Ajax Refresh

    Thank you @DefinitelyNot3133, Your solution work splendidly, have a great day!
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    Relationship not working (2)

    Hi @dmyoungsal, Please make sure that you select a "Display Value" in the relationship settings. Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss
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    Hello @IamGroot, Just wanted to inform you, I found a way to export/import a table/database with List-DataType value inside it. 1. Change the DataType to "Text(255) field" and Export it. 2. And in your Excel file, make sure that the value for the List-String field is comma separated like this: (Item1,Item2,Item3,Item4, etc.) 3. Proceed with the import as usual. After successfully importing your file. Go to your Table and to the Table Design. 4. Change the "Text(255) Field" (The one we changed in step 1) back to List-String DataType. 5. Then it will just return the way it was. If you want to export it (reapeat step(1)). I hope this helps ~WatashiwaJin~
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    Hi @TroubleShooter, Fortunately, I might just have the right JavaScript Solution that you need I was going to assume that you are referring to the Inline Insert feature but you explicitly stated it in the title of this thread anyway so.... Just follow my lead: 1.) Fire up your DataPage Configuration 2.) Go to Configure Results Page Fields 3.) Add a Header and Footer section. Disable the HTML Editor for your Footer. 4.) Paste the code below and modify as described in the comments. Comments are lines of code usually preceded by two forward slashes '//' <script> // Replace [@authfield:name] accordingly with the parameter or custom value you wish. var paramValue = '[@authfield:name]'; // Replace with the name of your field as described in your DataSource var field_name = 'TableFieldName'; /* Edits are not necessary for this part */ var i_field = document.querySelector('form[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #InlineAdd' + field_name); i_field.value = paramValue; /* To this part*/ //i_field.type = 'hidden'; // If you wish to hide the field as well, just remove the two forward slashes before i_field.type i_field.readOnly = true; </script> I really hope this helps. Good luck and happy hacking! Regards, DN31337
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    Redirect user if not logged in

    You need to specify the designated entry page. Edit the authentication and expend the advanced settings. Then edit Timeout and redirection. In the Designated entry page: select go to a new page and paste an URL where you have deployed the login screen. Hope it helps