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    Hi! I am exporting a view to excel. When I try to perform the operation year(a2) on a date, then I get an error saying that the cell contains text and not a date. I.e. it seems that a date i Caspio is not exported as a date to excel. Regards Bjorn
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    Forum App?

    Has anyone out there developed a user forum system? I didn't see one offered as a Caspio ready-made-app. If anyone has a good one they'd like to make available, I'd be happy to help support your efforts ($$). If not... I may take this on myself, but I didn't want to re-invent the wheel. Walt
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    JS: Show/hide A Custom Link On Results

    JavaScript Solution: Show/Hide a custom link on results page based on a Yes/No field Feature Description: This JavaScript solution shows how to display or hide a custom link in HTML block on a results page of a Search and Report DataPage based on the value of a Yes/No field. A typical example is, to only display the custom "details" link if the field value "Yes". Implementation: This solution can be used "as-is", without any changes if a. It is used on a results page of a Search and Report DataPage. b. There is a Yes/No field named Approved in the table. To use this solution copy and paste the code below, inside the HTML block of the results page using the Caspio Bridge DataPage Wizard. <span id="cbLinkCtnr[@cbRecordIndex#]"></span> <script type="text/javascript"> /* 1 - get the Yes/No field */ var cb_boolean = '[@field:Approved]'; if (cb_boolean == 'Yes') { /* 2 - construct the custom link */ document.getElementById("cbLinkCtnr[@cbRecordIndex#]").innerHTML = '[url="http://www.google.com/"]Enter Google[/url]'; } </script> Tips for Customization a. To use this script with a different field name, modify the line immediately below comment 1 by replacing "Approved" with the appropriate field name. b. Customize the custom link in various ways. For example, to pass Unique ID field as a parameter in the URL, change the line of code immediately below comment 2 to: document.getElementById("cbLinkCtnr[@cbRecordIndex#]").innerHTML = '[url="http://URL&UniqueID=[@field:UniqueID]"]Custom Link[/url]'; Where URL is the real URL of the web page the custom link directs to. Tested Browsers This JavaScript solution was tested on the following platforms and Internet Browsers only. # MS Windows - IE 8.0, Firefox 3.6.3, Chrome 4.1, Safari 4.0.5 # Macintosh - Firefox 3.6.3, Safari 4.0.3 Disclaimer: Use these JavaScript solutions at your own risk! They are provided to assist you in the customization of your programs and while we believe they work properly, by using them you accept all responsibility about them and confirm that they are not a feature of Caspio's platforms and as such are provided "as is" without any warranties, support or guarantees.
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