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  1. Hi Jan, I think, you can add this code to the Footer (do not forget clicking the Source button and changing FIELDNAME to the name of your field): <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var myDate = new Date(); myDate.setFullYear(myDate.getFullYear()+1); var myMonth = myDate.getMonth() + 1; if (myMonth<10) {myMonth = "0" + myMonth;} var myDay = myDate.getDate(); if (myDay<10) {myDay = "0" + myDay;} var myYear = myDate.getFullYear(); var result = myDay + "." + myMonth + "." + myYear; document.getElementById("InsertRecordFIELDNAME").value=result; </SCRIPT> When a DataPage opens, the current date in the "dd.mm.yyyy" format is entered to the field. I'll be grateful, if you tell me if the code works. Have a nice day!
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