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  1. I have a few zaps that pull information between Shipstation (http://www.shipstation.com/) and a table in Caspio. However, when the data is pulled in, a few columns are blank (storeid, item sku, and item name...all info that shipstation gets from shopify, although most shopify data is brought over, just not these fields). My work around is using a zap to a google sheet, then another zap to caspio. I'm not sure if the data type isn't compatible or what, but I can't imagine that they aren't in a text format....because the storeids are alpahnumeric and the item names wouldn't be anything but text, right? The REAL issue with the work around is that the Shipstation to Caspio zap uses polling or maybe a webhook (I don't know how the zaps work tbh) to instantly update the caspio tables...which is what I'd prefer to do instead of waiting 5 minutes for the zap run (paid account). Has anybody encountered an issue similar to this? Any ideas of what could be happening and if there's something I could look at in my tables to try and fix this? Thanks in advance!
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