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    Counting Number of Values in Datapage

    Just did something similar where this might help someone else. Create a list report that has the items you want, but hide them all. In the header, add "<script type="text/javascript">var count=0;</script>" to start a counter. If you want to add more values, create more values like "var countX=0;" and such Create an HTML block in the Configure Results Page Fields with a script like "<script type="text/javascript"> count++;</script>" if you want to just count how many come up, in the footer, put <script type="text/javascript"> document.write(count); </script> You can display any combination of any values by adding to the HTML block something like countX=countX+[@valuex]; Neat trick I just figured out. Now I'm able to authenticate a URL for visitors based on matching enough variable to a table results. If they don't match, the report show "0" and the script keeps the important stuff hidden. If I get something, I display the info. Validation on the fly without a form.
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