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  1. The way I did it: Make a table called Quiz_Table. Put in fields to record the user and the date. Next, add in as many 'Integer' fields as you want to have questions on your quiz. If there are 20 questions per quiz, add 20 of these fields. I just named mine Q1-Q20. Add a formula field to the table, for the formula you'll need to add together all quiz questions and divide that by the number of quiz questions to get your score. Finally, add a 'Quiz_Number' field, this will tell you which quiz the user took. Now, create a Form datapage. Use the Quiz_Table as the datasource. Add the Quiz Question fields to the form. Type the actual question in the Label of the question field. Set the question fields to 'Radio Buttons'. Add your multiple choices as the options below. For all of the wrong answers, make the value 0. For correct answer, make the value 1. This will make it so if they get the question correct, the value will be 1. If wrong, 0. This plays into the Formula field in the table to calculate score. Then, add in the Quiz_Number field, go to Advanced tab, and check 'On Load, receive default value' and type in a number, and hide the field. This number will be different for each quiz you create, so you can tell in the table which user took which quiz. Now you can duplicate this form datapage and change the questions for all 13 quizzes you need to make, and give them each a different Quiz_Number.
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