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    User authentication

    I have a table used to authenticate access. For some reason, I currently have 24 users and it works. The problem is I'm trying to add more and the id/password doesn't work for the new users. What am I doing wrong? Is there a restriction as far as how many users you can have???
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    Conditional Formatting Trick

    Check out this trick I stumbled upon. Put Caspio Variables into your Classes so you can use CSS to dynamically style your pages. (js not required) Div to dynamically format <div class="action[@field:action]"></div> css .actionCall { background-image: URL("../img/call.png"); } .actionEmail { background-image: URL("../img/email.png"); } .actionText { background-image: URL("../img/text.png"); } Dynamic Elements - load all options, and hide all but needed <a class="btnFile fileName[@field:FileName]" href="../some/dir/[@field:FileName]">Download</a> <a class="btnLink fileLink[@field:FileLink]" href="[@field:FileLink]">View File</a> css /*-- when [@field:***] is null, hide the div --*/ .fileName, .fileLink { display: none; } Hope this helps Think Easy CHAD -I know the Title of this Forum is "Ask....", but IDK where else to share stuff like this.
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    JavaScript Solution: Select multiple values from a listbox in an Update DataPage Feature Description: This JavaScript solution shows how to enable the selection of multiple values using a listbox form element in an Update or Details DataPage. When the DataPage is submitted, the values selected in the listbox are stored in the table as a comma-separated string. For example: A field named state in a table contains US states. If three states California, Nevada and Oregon are selected in this listbox, the value stored in that field will be "California, Nevada, Oregon". When the DataPage is opened, the current values will be preselected in the listbox. Implementation: This solution can be used "as-is", without any changes if a. It is used in an Update or Details DataPage and b. The field name state exists in the DataPage. To use this solution, copy the code below and paste inside the HTML Footer section of the Update/Details DataPage using the Caspio Bridge DataPage Wizard. <script type="text/javascript"> var v_state = "[@field:state]" ; var o_state = document.getElementById("EditRecordstate") ; o_state.multiple = true ; function f_listbox() { if ( v_state.indexOf(",") > 0 ) { for (var i=0 ; i < o_state.options.length; i++ ) { if(o_state[i].value == v_state) { o_state.remove(i); break ; } } var o_st = v_state.split(", ") ; for (var j=0 ; j < o_st.length; j++) { for (var i=0 ; i < o_state.options.length; i++ ) { if(o_st[j]== o_state.options[i].value){ o_state.options[i].selected = true ; break ; } } } } } document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', f_listbox); //You can also use the line below instead of the eventlistener // setTimeout(f_listbox, 20); </script> Tips for Customization To customize this script to enable the same feature for the additional field, duplicate the first three lines using your second field name. Then duplicate the code inside the f_listbox function. Tested Browsers This JavaScript solution was tested on the following platforms and Internet Browsers only. # MS Windows - IE 10, Firefox 25.0.1, Chrome 31.0.1650.57, Safari 5.1.7 Disclaimer: Use these JavaScript solutions at your own risk! They are provided to assist you in the customization of your programs and while we believe they work properly, by using them you accept all responsibility about them and confirm that they are not a feature of Caspio's platforms and as such are provided "as is" without any warranties, support or guarantees.
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    Timestamp When "y" Clicked

    MayMusic - Thanks so much, it is working now. For those interested in the solution, The additional problem was that Timestamp field in the Table had to have a datatype of Text(255). In the Details Page, Timestamp was changed to a Text Field. Once Yes was clicked, the textfield was filled with a timestamp, and then when Update was clicked, the field in the Results Page was filled with the timestamp. Thanks again.
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    Hello Batchini! Well, there would be two ways how to create this. If we're going to use trigger, this may be a complex one. One easy way I thought of is with the use of Calculated Fields, but this would only be on a DataPage Level. You can use this formula to get the Minimum Value. SELECT MIN(FieldName) FROM Child WHERE ID = target.[@field:FieldID] Assuming if you have a foreign Key inside your child table. So we'll be using this formula to display the minimum value, Datasource would be your parent table. I hope this helps. Scar();
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    Hi @telly, This is doable, you just need to add <image src="IMAGEURL"> on your hint. Sample Result Bellow:
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    JS Date Restrictions Quit Working

    @abitaquest, There's a possibility that the reason it's not working now is because of the recent Caspio update. Event like onsubmit will no longer be supported and you need to use Caspio's built-in event handlers. Kindly please check the link below for more information: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-13-0/13-0-impacted-areas/ https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/ajax-loading/ I hope this helps.
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    I'm so excited. I found a way to make it work even if AJAX Loading is enabled. Luckily, I came across Caspio 13 Impacted Areas and kudos to good guy Caspio making this AJAX Implementation customizable. previous post TL:DR? Follow this instead. To make this work: 1.) Gey an API key here. Enable access to your domains (Website, Caspio URL and Integration URL) (You can see the last two in your Caspio Bridge > Account > Account Settings). 2.) Create/Edit your Submission Form DataPage 3.) Make sure 'Disable AJAX loading' remains UNCHECKED in the DataPage Data Source Section. (If you want otherwise, refer to my previous post instead. This is not cross-compatible as of the moment). 4.) In the Configure Fields section, Add a Header and Footer. 4.1) Select your header, disable the HTML Editor, paste the code block below, replace y0uR_4P1_k3y_H3r3 with your API Key. <script type="text/javascript" src="https://lib.caspio.com/pub/jquery/jquery.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=y0uR_4P1_k3y_H3r3"></script> <div id="cbwrapper"> 4.2) Select your footer, disable the HTML Editor, paste the code block below, edit the variables to correspond to your table fields. </div> <span id="error_message"> </span> <script type='text/javascript'> var lat_id = 'InsertRecordlat'; var lng_id = 'InsertRecordlng'; var address_id = 'InsertRecordAddress'; var city_id = 'InsertRecordCity'; var state_id = 'InsertRecordState'; var zip_id = 'InsertRecordZip'; var wrapper_id = 'cbwrapper'; var msg1 = 'Please input a valid address'; if(typeof jQuery != 'undefined'){ var cb_geocoder = cb_geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder(); document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', function (event) { event.preventDefault(); var add = $('#'+address_id).val(); var city = $('#'+city_id).val(); var state = $('#'+state_id).val(); var zip = $('#'+zip_id).val(); if(!add || !city || !state || !zip){ alert(msg1); }else{ var full = add +','+city+','+state+' '+zip; cb_geocoder.geocode({address: full}, cbCallBack); } }); }else{ document.getElementById("error_message").innerHTML = "This Datapage require Standard Caspio Deployment for full functionality." ; } function cbCallBack(locResult){ if(locResult != "" && locResult.length>0){ var lat1 = locResult[0].geometry.location.lat(); var lng1 = locResult[0].geometry.location.lng(); lat1 = Number(lat1); lng1 = Number(lng1); $('#'+lat_id).val(lat1); $('#'+lng_id).val(lng1); $('#'+wrapper_id+' form').submit(); }else{ alert(msg1); } } </script> 5.) After saving this, you should be able to make this work. Basic Troubleshooting: > Check your Console by doing a Right-Click > Inspect in your browser. NoApiKeys: You forgot to add your key in the script tag. Google documentation here ReferrerNotAllowed: Check if the domain of your webpage is listed in your Maps API Console (Maps JavaScript API > Credentials > (Key) > Details) There's a bunch of other warnings/errors but I think the first two are the most common and critical. > Feel free to reply to this thread if you encounter problems. Note: This is not a full-fledged fix. I know I skipped adding the WebForm AppKey. Let's just wait for the official Caspio documentation updates. Regards, DN31337
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    Got an answer to my question (Thanks so much Francis!) I got confirmation that the "Social Login Field" is not the same as the account name or the email address. For example, the Google social login field is a text string that resembles the following: "Google:123456789012345678901" Where it's the word "Google:" followed by a 21-digit number that uniquely identifies the Google account. There is a specific set of steps necessary to obtain that information which is not yet documented on the Caspio Support site. As soon as I have a chance I will append the instructions here in case anyone else ever needs to do this as well. However, the unfortunate problem is that this doesn't actually allow the desired results to be accomplished (specifcially: limiting access to a DataPage to specific Google users only by using "ID Service only"). This is because the method that is required to obtain the Google social login field is initiated by the google user, so it can't directly be used to create a list of allowed users because this causes a catch-22 situation where the Caspio admin/developer can't know the ID Service social login field without allowing the new user to login first, and once they do so, they are automatically added to the authentication data source. Therefore you basically need to allow access to all google users in order to get their unique social id which would be used to limit their access. Classic chicken & the egg dilemma. But I have an idea for how to avoid that conundrum and am working on implementing it now. Hopefully it will work...
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    Hi, The update button appears only if you have at least one editable field on the datapage. Perhaps you hide that field using rules or javascript. Anyway you can hide update button using java script. Just add header/footer and paste the following code in the footer: <script> window.onload = function hide(){ document.getElementById("Mod0EditRecord").style.visibility = 'hidden'; } </script>
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    Reload Main Page

    Hello Farnsbarnes, Can you tell me please, do you use different domains for parent page, and for iframe? If yes, proposed solution cannot works due to security restrictions. Can you please open browser console, and look for some run-time errors, when you submit form in iframe? Can you see some error with similar text? "SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin..." If you have similar error, you can use some different technique based on messages. Please pay your attention that it will works in modern browsers only. You can see list of supported browsers here http://caniuse.com/#search=postMessage Add code below to header on your parent page: window.onmessage = function (e) { if (e.data === "refresh") { location.reload(); } }; Add code below to footer in your DataPage, which will open via iframe. <script type="text/javascript"> document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit = function () { if (window.parent && window.parent.postMessage) { window.parent.postMessage("refresh", "http://bridge.caspio.net"); //put your own domain here } } </script> Thanks
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    I address it this way: I have a few Caspio user classes, say user, superuser, admin. All datapages that use the "user" authentication, are embedded on wordpress "User" template-based Pages. The User template, in turn calls a specific WP "User" menu. So I have 3 authentications, 3 Page templates, and 3 menus. Finally, and I'm embarassed to say it: since these WP menus are NOT behind Caspio authentication, public users who guess a URL of one of your pages could see the menu, but obviously not the datapage embedded on the page. Still, I don't like that, so I have a script that looks for a DIV in my authentication form, and if present, hides the WP nav with CSS. Pretty nasty, and not really that effective, but it beats using 3 Caspio datapages for 3 menus.
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    Thank you Iren, Looking at your option, i came to a simple solution in caspio. Search and Report Wizard - Results Page Options (advanced) > Total records returned: 1 Search and Report Wizard - Results Page Options (Standaard) > Default sort order: id = z-a Search and Report Wizard - Details Page > Always skip Results Page when only one record found: checkt thank you for you input
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    Expiration Date

    Add this code to the footer of the page. Make sure to replace "DATEFIELDNAME" with the field name you want to save this expiration date on <script> function f_date(){ var v_currentDate=new Date(); v_currentDate.setDate(v_currentDate.getDate() +10); var v_assignDate = (v_currentDate.getMonth() + 1) + "/" + v_currentDate.getDate() + "/" + (v_currentDate.getFullYear()); document.getElementById('InsertRecordDATEFIELDNAME').value = v_assignDate; } f_date(); </script>
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    Line Chart time series

    Hi @Corpcatalog, You can build such Chart in Caspio but you would need to modify your table first. You table should look like the following: You can build the following Chart once you transform your table: You may import attached Datapage to your account in order to see the settings for the Chart Datapage. Hope this helps. Regards, vitalikssssss CaspioData_2019-Sep-10_1309.zip
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    Centered Report Search

    Hi @joneslovescaspio, You can add the center tag and the close tag of center in the header and Footer. So basically, in your header, you need to paste this <center> <style> table[class*="cbFormTable"] { border: none !important; background: white; } </style> and in the footer just paste the end tag of center. </center> Please note that I just added a sample design for your search form using CSS. You can also change that based on what design you prefer. Hope it works. -Barbie
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    Button to Submit Name

    Hi @kpcollier, I have seen similar behavior on Caspio Ready Made App called Resource scheduling. http://apps.caspio.com/demo9/rs/login.html Login in as a member, perform a simple search and you will see a Tabular Report with "Reserve this Item" button which performs similar logic. I believe you need the following items in order to create similarly flow within your app: 1. Single record update form with default elements hidden by CSS. 2. Embed this DP in the HTML block of the report by using the Iframe deployment method. I need to mention that DP performance might decrease if you have a lot of records on Result set (e.g. 250 per page). Hope this helps. Regards, Vitalikssssss
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    Thanks for the offer HeezyMeezy. Would love to take you up on this but unfortunately I'm weighed down with client confidentiality issues - I've got to first come up with a way of unpicking the code to just show the essentials. Will let you know if I get there!
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    Hello @Subtlety, I think this depends upon what that public forum is trying to achieve. In some cases, Caspio does have a certain feature which you can use but in some, it may require custom codes or in some cases complex ones. Well, for you to better understand Caspio, I think they have their trainings and other stuff that you can utilize. I believe it's here https://www.caspio.com/training. They are conducted during the weekdays and they are free. There are also some features that you may want to check such as Authentication, API Integration, etc. at https://howto.caspio.com. Also, I think it is better if you try to fill out the form of their Professional Services team at https://www.caspio.com/services/professional-services/ I hope this helps you.
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    Autosuggest limited to 10 entries

    Hi @IvanV, To make the autocomplete search from the third character, you should add AutoCompleteStartFromCharacter="3" attribute at the end of the <LookUp DataSourseName ... /> tag. Also, you can use AutoCompleteEndAfterCharacter attribute to stop the search for the autocmplete and AutoCompleteStartDelay - to delay the dropdown. Hope it helps.
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    So you might end up with 9000 records in that table over a year - my main table has 365000 records, so I dont think it will cause a problem for performance. Ok I think you should create a view that links the two tables together using the Job number - then you can create two reports from the one view. The first will show the Orders not completed, by selecting only the fields form the Ordering table and the 2nd will show the Completed orders. Then embed both tables into a details page which passes the Job number as a parameter to both embedded tables.
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    Hi @bbeshlian, If you want to submit data from a single submission form to two separate tables, Triggered Action is what you need. You may refer to these links for more information about Triggered Actions: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/triggered-actions/ Hope this helps. -kristina
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    Just wanted to share how to copy the value from another field using web form/Submission Form. Thank you @DefinitelyNot31337 <script type="text/javascript"> var src = document.querySelector('[id*=InsertRecord]'); var dest = document.querySelector('[id*=InsertRecord]'); src.onchange = function() { dest.value = this.value; } </script>
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    Hi Jess147, You can create a Calculated Value for that. You can try the following formula: CASE WHEN [@field:Amount_Paid] = 1 THEN 5 WHEN [@field:Amount_Paid] = 2 THEN 20 WHEN [@field:Amount_Paid] = 3 THEN 35 END You just need to change the field name. -JolliBeng
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    Currency field

    Hi @dmyoungsal, I understand that you want to display the field AmtPaid as currency on your DataPage. You can go to your Report DataPage > Configure Results Page Fields. You can customize your field based on your desired display. However, you cannot change it on your submission form. Regards, kristina
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    Hi @bbeshlian , Here is a snippet of JavaScript and JQuery code to hide columns if they are empty: <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function(e) { let $table = $('.cbResultSetTable:first'); let tbody = $table[0].tBodies[0]; let colsLen = tbody.rows[0].cells.length, rowsLen = tbody.rows.length; let hideNode = function(node) { if (node) node.style.display = "none"; }; for (var j = 0; j < colsLen; ++j) { let counter = 0; for (var i = 1; i < rowsLen; ++i) { if (tbody.rows[i].cells[j].textContent.trim() == '') ++counter; } if (counter == (rowsLen - 1)) { for (var i = 1; i < rowsLen; ++i) { hideNode(tbody.rows[i].cells[j]); } hideNode(tbody.rows[0].cells[j]); } } }); </script> You should put the code above into the Footer element on the Search and Report Wizard - Configure Results Page Fields.
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    Hi kpcollier, Looking at my source code, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addEventListener" of null is probably caused by a wrong table field name. Do note that it is case-sensitive. fieldName "Job" is different from "job" so you might want to check that . Next, I didn't expect that you'd be using a Dropdown. It wouldn't work on it as I designed the code to work on text fields. Below is the updated code for cross-compatibility. (footer) <script> var fieldName = "value"; // The name of your table field. var paramName = "myParam"; // The name of your parameter /* No modifications necesarry beyond this line */ var inputField = document.querySelector('[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #InsertRecord' + fieldName); var linkToChild = document.querySelector('[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #linkToChild'); var baseUrl = linkToChild.href; //do not touch var moddedUrl = baseUrl; //do not touch function updateLink() { moddedUrl = `${baseUrl}?${paramName}=${this.value}` } ['change', 'keydown','keyup'].forEach( function(e) { inputField.addEventListener(e, updateLink); }); inputField.dispatchEvent(new Event('change')); linkToChild.onclick = function() { window.open(moddedUrl, '', 'resizable=no,status=no,location=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,fullscreen=no,scrollbars=no,dependent=no'); return false; } </script> Last point is just a note, Caspio does modifies the link in the HTML Block, especially if the Rich-text editor is enabled. It's better if the id attribute is just hardtyped. If it still doesn't work, just import this App to your bridge and use it as your template. a5748_passing_internal_parameter_to_popup_1_0_2018-Nov-28_1825.zip Good luck. Regards, DN31337
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    Hi @DefinitelyNot31337 That seems to be working for me now. Thank you so much for the help!
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    Conditional Authentication

    Hi @JanineB, You can create a single Log-In screen for this. Alter the code provided in the documentation just add (& "[@authfield:Checkbox]" == "1"). This action is just to identify if the checkbox is checked or not. Please note that in checkbox (Yes/check = 1) and (No/uncheck = 0) You can refer to this documentation: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/create-user-specific-redirect-after-login/ I hope this helps
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    Triggered actions on import

    Hello all, For clarification, current Triggered Actions will only execute on data being inserted, updated, or deleted via: DataPage At Datasheet level (direct in table) API As Franchiser said, DataHub (Scheduled Tasks) and manual import will not fire triggers. Also if cascade update and/or delete is enabled through referential integrity in table relationships, these events as well will not execute Triggered Actions.
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    Convert Text Number To Phone Format.

    @telepet Change this line document.getElementById(o_els[i]).onchange=tel; To: document.getElementById(o_els[i]).onkeyup=tel;
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    Hi, it can be done using sql substing query in the formula field: SUBSTRING ([@field:First_name] ,1 , 1) + SUBSTRING ([@field:Last_name] ,1, 1) However, in case of further using username field in authentication, this is not the best option since you can using only unique field as a username. Therefore, you may insert the following script in the footer of your submission form. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var position1 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordFirst_name").value; var position2 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordLast_name").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordUsername").value = position1.substring(0, 1) + position2.substring(0, 1); } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=concatenate; </SCRIPT>
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    You need to hit the source tab before inserting code to the footer. This article should help. Also don't forget to change the filed name in the code and you need to hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard while clicking on the required values simultaneously. Hope that helps
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    Hi TexterVaid, Thanks for the suggestion- I wasn't able to get it to work using that for some reason. I fiddled around and finally got the code to work- it seems Caspio is somewhat random as to what js works with its data fields. Removing the parseFloat, changing the if clause a bit (I tried 'else if' as suggested but just the 'else' ended up working) and making the fields 'hidden' seemed to get it right: var v_lk = document.getElementById("EditRecordmstrSuppliers_LinkedIn").value; if(!(v_lk) == "") { Thanks again for helping and hope this solution works for someone else too-
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    Mathilda, I am using Wix site builder. I believe it was working at one point but it is not consistent. I am using an image on Wix as a link, so when the user clicks on the image an http request is generated. I just appended caspio specific parameters to the end per the instructions to call the Caspio web form. Is there any other way to get around the iFrame issue as a second option? But I would like to first make this option work. It should work as a Query String as Caspio describes. Thanks.
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    I have found that if you add a new field to a table, and you have a view associated with the table the field added to the table shows in the view without the “Include field in View” box checked. If you go into the view and navigate to “Field Properties”, you will find your newly added field at the bottom of the list, select it, then check the “Include field in View” check box under field options.
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    Thanks for sharing
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    Data Usage Thoughts, Tools, Tactics

    Wow, I've only just started developing my application and you guys are scaring me. I hadn't realised Caspio was so hungry on its data transfer. My marketing strategy will be to cast the net wide and generate high usage on a free part of my web database, but only a small proportion of clients can be expected to upgrade to a paid service. This is a very common business model in a wide range of sectors. Yet It's easy to see Caspio's charges running into 10's of thousands of dollars, killing my business before I get the chance to build a revenue generating client base. I've no problem paying those kinds of fees once they're affordable. But if Caspio is going to strangle the small guys before they have a chance to grow, its marketing should be clear that they are not a solution for the business start-ups. I think I need to look around!
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    Now that Caspio has been nice enough to add pivot tables to reports, I went to build an attendance report that I had been waiting to build. My non-profit education group needed to check students in to an after-school program, then have a real-time view of who was checked in that day, and how many/which sessions each student had checked into over time. Perfect application for a simple pivot table, right? Each student is checked in by clicking on their name on a drop-down list and clicking Save. I wanted the date to be automatic to save check in time and preserve accuracy. Columns would be the date of the visit, rows would be the student name or ID for the pivot table. But there was a catch. If I used the timestamp field to record the date it was saved as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss. Then if I used that value for my column in the pivot table, each second was given its own column. I wanted each date to be a column. After a couple of hours of looking for an answer online and in documentation I found none, but eventually figured it out, and want to share it with the community. The workaround that I figured out was to create a second data field called override date in the table in date/time format. I then fill that field in the data input form on the Configure Screens page of the Web Form Wizard using an external parameter and a label format that I found buried in one of the reports: [@cbTimestamp*]. Click on the thumbnail below to view the attached jpeg for a screenshot. So now this field only contains the mm/dd text data from the timestamp and when I use it as my column, any student who was clocked in that calendar day shows up in that column of the pivot table. Hope this helps someone.
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    How To Create Image Slideshow In Html

    You can try to add this to the header <script type="text/javascript"> var image1 = new Image() image1.src = "images/image1.jpg" var image2 = new Image() image2.src = "images/image2.jpg" </script> And the code below where you want to show the slide <p><img src="images/pentagg.jpg" width="500" height="300" name="slide" /></p> <script type="text/javascript"> function slideit() { var step=1; document.images.slide.src = eval("image"+step+".src") if(step<2) step++ else step=1 setTimeout("slideit()",2500); } slideit(); </script>
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    Hint Moves Down When Page Scrolls

    Hi Chad, What browser do you use? I have checked in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome and the issue does not reproduce. Could you provide the URL of your page? Maybe, I will be able to find the reason of the issue.
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    Fingers crossed I get this information across in sufficient detail.. I have an app that runs produces a tabular data report... I then have an HTML developed code that opens an Update form using parameters passed from the tabular data report. The update form has several rows of data... Using a drop down box, I wish the user to select a value to update field A. At the same time, if the value of the field chosen is, say, "BR", A need to the form the update Field B with a value using one of the aforementioned parameters.. Any suggestions would be greatly received... -------------------- Specifics: Tabular Report: Availability Report Parameters: @BookingID (unique) and @Virtual_Location_Name Update Form: Booking This produces 3 lines of data (representing different days e.g. Tue 14, Wed 15, Thu 16) The Drop down boxes AV14 AV15 AV16 have options of BR, NA If, say, AV15 is chosen to have value "BR", I wish field NE15 to be allocated parameter value @Virtual_Location_name but blank if any other field is chosen when Update is pressed on the form ------------------------------ Thanks again...
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    Hi, I'm new to Caspio. I have a 9 date text fields with calendar picker. When user picks date for 1st field I need the subsequent 8 fields to populate with the 1st field's date + 1 business day. The result would be as follows: field 1 - 01/16/2015 SELECTED field 2 - 01/19/2015 AUTOPOPULATED field 3 - 01/20/2015 AUTOPOPULATED field 4 - 01/21/2015 AUTOPOPULATED field 5 - 01/22/2015 AUTOPOPULATED field 6 - 01/23/2015 AUTOPOPULATED field 7 - 01/26/2015 AUTOPOPULATED field 8 - 01/27/2015 AUTOPOPULATED field 9 - 01/28/2015 AUTOPOPULATED THEN SUBMIT* Any help, javascript and/or implementation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have a Single Record Update form where once a user has submitted data on Record #123, I want any other users subsequently trying to update Record #123 to be "locked out" from submitting via that form. In other words, I need to be able to disable a form after it's been used once, or when Some_Field = Whatever. You could just disable it with Rules, but if 2 people arrive on the form before either has submitted, then the 2nd User rewrites over the 1st User's data. I need to prevent that from happening. Caspio Support recommends: In order to prevent the next users to submit/edit the same record, the "timestamp check" should be done upon form submission. A solution would be to write a JavaScript function to perform the "timestamp check" and then call the function on the form submission event. Can anyone please assist with this? I'm JavaScript illiterate. Thanks!
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    Format On Display

    Hello, I have been storing phone numbers with the special characters ( ) - and I would prefer to store numbers only and format the data into phone numbers on display. I can format one per page, but only the first one. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks CHAD
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    You need to change the code to: <script> if ("[@calcfield:3]"!="[@field:Current_Pay_Grade]") { document.write('<img width="15px" src="https://umghr-sjecs....images/flag.jpg" />'); document.write("[@field:Current_Pay_Grade] does not align with [@calcfield:3]. Check each job factor and the grand total."); } </script>
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    No Records Found?

    Hello Aleks, Can you open your 2014-15 table in the Bridge? Does the data get imported at all? If you do not enter any name, do you get the same message? Is it the same Excel or maybe you have used a newer version of it?
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    Result Page In A Pop Up Window

    Create your search and result pages in two different pages as described here http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/parameters/how-to-separate-search-page-and-results-page-into-two-different-webpages/ In Configure Fields screen of the search page add Hear/Footer to create your customized button using the code below in the Footer: <input type="button" value="Search" onClick="gotoreport();"> <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function gotoreport() { var URL = "URL OF THE REPORT PAGE?PARAMNAME=" + document.getElementById('FIELD ID').value + "& PARAMNAME=" + document.getElementById('FIELD ID').value; newwindow=window.open(URL,'name','height=200,width=150'); if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus()} return false; } </script> You need to replace URL OF THE REPORT PAGE with URL of the report page and PARAMNAME with the parameter name you are receiving in the report page in Configure Filtering Fields screen as described in the tutorial. Also FIELD ID with the real field ID. To hide the original submit button you can either add display:none; to .cbSubmitButton in the style you are using for this page or add a Header to the page and use: <style> #Submit{ display:none; } </style>
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    Conditional Text On Report

    You can add an HTML Block to your report and use this code: <script> if ("[@field:FIELDNAME]" == "Not Completed") { document.write("<a href='http://caspio.com'> Click Here</a>"); } </script> Replace the link and also FIELDNAME in the code above
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    Web Services question

    In fact with a little more detective work and light bulb going on inside my head I have managed to resolve the issue myself. For those who maybe interested the answer is below:- The answer really was not so much in VBA, but how to manage variables in SQL statements, once I understood this a quick internet search provided the answer. obj.wsm_UpdateData TextBoxAccountId.Value, TextBoxProfile.Value, TextBoxPassword.Value, _ TextBoxTableName.Value, False, "Trl_No", TrailerNoField, "route = '" & RouteField & "'" Seem to have save myself $150 minimum in Caspio developer support charges. So worth the extra effort. Regards Simon
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