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  1. This hiding of the columns can also be achieved by using only JavaScript in the Footer: <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { let label = document.querySelector('table[data-cb-name="cbTable"] th:nth-of-type(8)'); // Select the label of eighth column let values = document.querySelectorAll('table[data-cb-name="cbTable"] td:nth-of-type(8)'); // Select all the values in the eighth column /* Removing the selected fields */ label.parentElement.removeChild(label) values.forEach(el => { el.parentElement.removeChild(el) }); /* If we want to remove additional columns */ label = document.querySelector('table[data-cb-name="cbTable"] th:nth-of-type(5)'); // Select the label of fifth column values = document.querySelectorAll('table[data-cb-name="cbTable"] td:nth-of-type(5)'); // Select all the values in the fifth column label.parentElement.removeChild(label) values.forEach(el => { el.parentElement.removeChild(el) }); }); </script> Main difference between this and approach with CSS is that here columns are entirely removed from the page, and not just hidden - in the CSS approach you could still find the elements if you inspect the page, and access the information in them, but in this JavaScript approach, they are completely removed from the page. Notice however, that in the above example we are first removing the column that comes after and work our way to the beginning. If we would also like to remove tenth column, we would put that code before the code for removal of the eighth.
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