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    Preview HTML email in trigger

    Have you tried clicking the “maximize” icon?
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    Import data in RAR format

    Caspio Bridge does not accept RAR format. Please refer to this documentation for list of allowed formats: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/importing-data/
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    When I do an Inspect on the page it looks like cbOuterAjaxCtnr is where some of the whitespace comes from. When I manually type in a background color (in inspector) it does change the background. However, in the Style Sources if I put the below code it doesn't work and I can't find anything for cbOuterAjaxContainer. This is what I thought it would need: .cbOuterAjaxCtnr { background-color: #daded1 !important; } EDIT: Ah, I figured it out if anyone else needs to do the same thing: The background setting needs to not be in a Caspio datapage or Style but in the host web page's css. I guess the datapage uses whatever background css the host page uses for the headers and outer containers.
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