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  1. I am trying to create a navigation bar at the top of a page. The background of that bar should be a kind of border. How can I upload that image into a folder on Caspio, so that I can make a link to it via a style in Caspio Styles? Thank you.
  2. Thank you very much. I've been able to sort out the datapage centering. I am sure I'll have a few more questions on further details. Thanks again.
  3. I very much hope that someone will help me. I am still learning to find my way around Caspio Bridge. I created a few datapages, but they all appear on the left side of the web browser. I would like to center all the pages in the web browser. I spent days on working this out by modifying the default style, but have not succeeded at all. Could someone help me? I would be very grateful. Many thanks.
  4. sylvie

    Combo field again

    Just to let you know that the script worked. I made a mistake in the line for inserting the combined fields. Thanks.
  5. sylvie

    Combo field again

    Many, many thanks for your reply. Yes, I did copy the script into the footer, but it does not work. So I would like to find out what I am doing wrong. I have two fields Firstname and Lastname in my table called Students. I also added a field called Name to that table. I created a Web Form to capture submissions. I modified the script to include Firstname and Lastname to populate the third field called Name. I pasted this script inside the HTML footer: function concatenate() { //(1) Retrieve the value of the field Firstname and store in a variable firstname. var
  6. sylvie

    Combo field again

    There is a topic elsewhere in this forum called ? Combo ? Fields posted by casamurphy. As I am not sure if this topic is still active, I am posting my question here: I was very interested to read about creating a combo field in that post. I tried to recreate the script, but it is not working. I have two fields in my table: Firstname and Lastname. I am trying to combine these two fields into a third field (Firstname + Lastname). I understand that a script needs to be created, but I am not sure where this script should reside. Can you, please, help?
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