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  1. Bump? Anyone? I'd love to get an answer on this question. Also - Caspio - seriously - load up a spam filter for your forum, please.
  2. I have 3 datapages tied to a single table. I want to create a structural copy of said table and then make copies of the 3 datapages to tie to the new table. The new table will have entirely different data inside. How can I do this? I can copy the table fine and replace the data inside with a new set of data, but if I make duplicates of the datapages and then re-assign them to the new table, all the work I've done on the datapages is lost. Thanks!
  3. OK -- here's my code that I want to drop into an HTML block at the END of the submission form: var litesDomain = document.domain; litesDomain = litesDomain.replace(/^www\\.|^test\\.|^dev\\./, \"\"); litesDomain = litesDomain.replace(/\\.com$/, \"\"); Now -- how can I get THAT into the hidden Caspio field ABOVE the HTML block -- litesDomain? Right now, the default parameter for that litesDomain caspio field is [@litesDomain] -- looking for a parameter to be passed in. Where do I make the link? Thanks, MBurns
  4. OK -- I can't provide a link because we have a corporate paid (???) Google Maps API key in the code. But I can at least walk through what I've done, per the instructions on this page: http://www.caspio.com/support/mashups/m ... ion-v4.asp [*:3qw61cba]1.1 - I enabled the parameters. [*:3qw61cba]1.2 - I hid the page in an HTML block at the bottom of the Configure Search Fields section. [*:3qw61cba]1.3 - I added the HTML block at the bottom of the Configure Search Results section. I also added the ID to the this section -- it wasn't there before. I made sure all the fields from the code we
  5. OK -- I get this, but how the heck do I get that hidden field to pass into the submission form? I can't access the submission form from the embed code. MBurns
  6. OK -- so I'm having issues with the map box being blank in a mashup. I've set up a search datapage as instructed in the how-to on the Caspio support site. Everything appears to be in order, including the API key. However, when I'm copying/pasting the code snippets from the support page for the results screen AND the details screen, I notice that the code includes the \"unique\" record ID. Do I need to add that in the field selection screen for the results and details sections of the datapage? Normally, I wouldn't display that to users, but does it need to be there anyway for the map to
  7. Ugh -- yeah -- I didn't think it was a great idea either. Unfortunately, we have 11 different sites that need to share the same search/submit datapages, each one getting a domain-specific set of results from the search based on the domain stored when they submitted their data. Now I'm looking at having to create 9 sets of search/submit datapages to populate the domain field in the shared table. 'cause I can't really think of a good way to pass in that parameter at the time of submission. Mburns
  8. I have a data submission datapage that I need to record the domain for. The datapage will be embedded in an HTML page used across multiple websites. Ideally, I'd like to use a pre-existing domain parsing Javascript snippet and then pass the root domain name as a parameter to the embed. I can't tell, though, from the embed code for the deployed datapage, how I might pass that parameter in. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mburns
  9. OK -- I tested your example. There's a problem with it -- if I have entries in the DB for 6/4/2007, I can't set the start/end dates BOTH for 6/4/2007. I get no records. I know why this is happening, but a user isn't going to understand why they can't find something they might know was added on a certain date. Anyone else wanna chime in here?
  10. I set up a table that, when someone uses a submission datapage, gets a day/time field populated by a timestamp. Any reason why a search datapage wouldn't be able to find records if someone used a calendar pop-up on a textfield entry for that timestamp field? mburns
  11. OK -- I was able to add the HTML block from the view-based search results datapage and link it to a direct-to-details table-based search datapage. If you guys could add DataPages as an insertable field in an HTML block or head/footer, that would be nice for linking PRIOR to deploying a datapage, as I did in this instance. Is there a way to get the direct-to-details table-based datapage to go BACK to the search results? I hate to pass a javascript:history(-1) directive as the URL. Or pass all the parameters from the view-based search results page to the direct-to-details page. mburns
  12. where url is the url of the where the DataPage with editable details is deployed. OK -- this is kind of where I'm a little troubled -- I can't set up the URL above without deploying the page. That is to say, I can't select from a list of pre-existing datapages and test this internally. I have to deploy the update page first and get the dynamic URL. mburns
  13. Checking in this question -- could really use some assistance. Chime in when you can. Also trying to keep support post ABOVE the ... spam. mburns
  14. Anyone? Bueller? Eh -- 'tis the weekend, I suppose...
  15. OK -- on the tabular results page, if I want to format a column to be clickable, the assumption is that the column rendered is a URL. How am I supposed to link from a view-based search datapage results listing to a table-based details page (via parameter passing) if I can't create a link? I'm confused. If you can chime in DaveP, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, mburns
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