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  1. To clarify the last response from sdi126 if you follow his link: You can have a variable position for the \"home_position\" based on the result fields: Example if you want the home postion based on zip code: [@field:Zip] You could also use [@field:City], [@field:State] You do want to set your zoom level appropriately: 7
  2. First of all I realized that the \"Y\" in the map settings for mapType is not for \"Yes\" but for Yahoo, so changed the Y to \"G\" for Google. Second, I learned that v4 does not support a variable location, so that multiple plots only work if you know in advance which city or location you will use for the results and then set an initial location for the map as described in your instructions. So waiting for v5 to provide support for a variable location.
  3. I am not able to get multiple addresses to plot on Google maps using the code in Caspio's Map Mashup Instructions for ver 4: Y This does not result in any plotting until clicking one of the results which then plots only the single result. Another poster had the same problem.
  4. You can find your AppKey by clicking Deploy and you can then see the key in the code you would paste on your page. I would still like to get a response from someone at Caspio as to how to format the new window for printing and how to avoid having the new window go to the beginning of the application session.
  5. I used the following code to open the new window:
  6. Your suggestion doesn't work because if I put the Search DP in the Authenticated folder, then I can only see the records of one user (and assuming I even know the name of the user). I want to see all of the records, so I can't have a login required.
  7. What type of page and settings would be used to update the table of user names? If I create a Web Form for this table, the option to update if grayed out and not available even if I select the advanced options.
  8. I have enabled Web User Authentication and RLS. I want to edit/delete user name registrations. I can export the table, but the option to import and overwrite the table is not available. So can I create a DP to edit the table?
  9. Here is some code that worked for me to create a button outside of a DataPage to match the default button style within a DataPage. This button links to a url. ButtonLabel
  10. I have a report generated from the detail fields and would like this report to open in a popup window. Can I change the javascript that is pasted in the webpage: Click here to load this Caspio Bridge DataPage.
  11. What labels should be used for the html code if including this field in the Destination Page Options where it says \"Display this message (insert text or HTML below):
  12. Is there a way to have a search form with multiple fields to have one or more required fields? For example, I have a form with three search fields: Name, City, and State (which is a dropdown list). I want to require the user to input a City and select a State. In other words, I don't want the user to be able to just search for any Name in a particular State, I want the user to only search for Names within a particular City in the State - primarily to limit the number of results. I tried using a dropdown list for City (as well as for State), but the dropdown list is not limited to the cities for the particular State selected; instead it shows all of the distinct cities for every State. I would also like to be able to make the City and State optional if the user inputs a Name for the Search - would this have to be done as a separate DataPage, or could the DataPage have two optional forms of search - search by Name or Search by City and State?
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