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  1. I have in mind one search form using virtual fields and passing the search parameters to three separate results pages that would all be on the same web page. I haven't tried it yet and thought that before I went ahead and put in all the work, I'd see if anyone knows this is possible or impossible. I thought about using one search form and one results page and joining the three datatables, but the problem is that if the data isn't found in one of the data tables, it may return no results for that search criteria even if there is data in the other tables.
  2. I have a lookup table with 1,557 rows in it. I was hoping to be able to use a dropdown list in a \"submit new information\" web form in order to get consistent data entry.
  3. It looks like 1,000 is the limit to items in a listbox or drop down list, right?
  4. Steve, Thanks. I was afraid of that. I've made multiple-select listboxes in standalone HTML-javascript pages but wondered if there was something about Caspio Bridge that would make it more difficult. I'll leave it as a wish-list item.
  5. Thanks. That did the trick. Now, for my other wish: is there a way within Caspio to make that dropdown list capable of selecting more than one item for a search? Thanks in advance. Keith
  6. http://www.denverpost.com/2007candidates where it says \"enter selection\"
  7. Steve, Followed your instructions. There is a link on the page now, just below my dropdown list, which says \"Enter Selection.\" Clicking on it doesn't result in any action. I doubled checked and I am certain that I followed your steps, but perhaps I missed something. Keith
  8. Dave, And just to be certain: this will work even though the two pages are linked to different data tables which happen to have a column or columns with identical names. Keith
  9. Dave, Thank you. I will give it a try and see what happens. Keith
  10. I have in mind a Caspio Datapage that would query data from one Caspio data table and, when a link is clicked on, open a new browser window containing a different Caspio datapage is connected to a different Caspio data table. These two tables would have several column (parameter) names in common and these would be the search criteria for each datapage. Another way of putting it is this: If I query Table A using parameter [field@School] and then click on the link to open up the other datapage, can I pass that parameter (field@School] to the new datapage and bring up the results I desire?
  11. Steve, I ended up making a lookup table from which to draw my prefab list. All I need for this particular one is to know how to enter a value not included on the prefab list. here's the url: http://www.denverpost.com/candidateinfo This is a page that we will point our candidates to so that they can enter their information. It will not be publicizecd to our general readership. Mulitple selections from the same list would be handy in other datapages, however. Thanks in advance, Keith
  12. Re: Dropdown list/combo box. What I'm looking to do is give the user the option of selecting from a list of prefab items OR entering their own text. Multiple selection would be a different issue for me. Thanks, Keith
  13. It appears that Caspio Bridge doesn't offer the option of a combo box when setting up a search field. If I'm wrong, or if there's a way to do it with a bit of code, I'd be interested in knowing how. Otherwise, I'll put it on my wish list.
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