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  1. I'm having some luck calling one of my Caspio tables through Web Services. But I'd like to use the MySQL query in web services to select records for just the current date. MySQL wants dates formated yyyy-mm-dd, but Caspio has them mm/dd/yyyy and when I try to use DATE_FORMAT(CURDATE(), '%m/%d/%Y') it get back a soap fault ... Fault: faultcode: soap:Client, faultstring: {SQL Server error: 'CURDATE' is not a recognized built-in function name.} Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the tip. I've made a lot of progress. I'm successfully calling the Caspio table with PHP and MySQL. (I've ditched Access). Problem I'm running into is that Caspio stores dates as mm/dd/yyyy and sql wants yyyymmdd. Any workaround ideas?
  3. dblake

    Update Web Form?

    Thanks Barbara. I found that in the Details section. You're my hero.
  4. I'd like to have Access 2003 use a Caspio table or view (principally for generating calculations). It would need to be dynamic. In other words, importing the table into Access wouldn't do it. I'd like for Access to be able to regularly use the Caspio table. Am I dreaming?
  5. dblake

    Update Web Form?

    Thanks Barbara, but when I try to edit the record through the Data Page, the photo field, which is a file, can't be edited. Unfortunately, I need the high-res images for print publication. I'm currently saving those offline, then overwriting them in the Caspio table with a resized low-res duplicate.
  6. dblake

    Update Web Form?

    Hello and thanks for your help. I have users submitting information through a web form and we're displaying it in various search and report data pages. What I'd like to do is allow an admin to make a change to a record after it's submitted. Specifically, I'd like to resize the jumbo photos they submit and display smaller versions without having to go into the 'files' function of caspio. Is the Update Web Form the right way to do it, and if so, what are the basics of passing parameters? Thanks
  7. Napoleon, Is this functionality considered a high priority? Absent that, is there a javascript solution for datapages like there is for web forms? Thanks
  8. I'm trying to limit the results on a data page to those entered in the past 48 hours. The \"Previous X Days\" criteria appears pegged to when the data page was designed, not when the user queries. Any ideas?
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