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  1. Take a look at the script "show/hide a link on result" at viewtopic.php?f=14&t=12278. It has pretty much the same logic. Cheers, Barbara
  2. I would add two lines of code to the script in order to display the variable contents while running. This is one way of debugging. <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> function Headline() { var between = document.getElementById("InsertRecordNewsTitle").value; alert(between); var prehtml = "<font size=4><strong>"; var posthtml = "</strong></font>"; var bold = prehtml + between + posthtml; alert(bold); document.getElementById("InsertRecordNewsTitleformatted").value=bold; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=Headline; </SCRIPT> Replace this code in your page (place the code in an HTML block at the bottom of the DataPage elements) and run the form and see what you get for those variables? I also removed the parentheses where you call the function. Maybe this helps. Cheers, Barbara
  3. I came across this post by a Caspio user, please check it out at viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12193 Also Caspio Support provides consultation and training, you can submit your request at http://www.caspio.com/services/project-consultation.asp Cheers, Barbara
  4. I think in your case the IP Address Autovalue is the best solution but again as mentioned before in a company that IPs are shared only one person can vote. Another solution is to write a Java Script which creates a generic cookie on user's computer and delete the cookie after certain time such as two hours. So user can not submit the form again in two hours but there is always workarounds for user such as clearing the browser cache! As you know cookie is browser specific so user also can switch browser from Firefox to IE, etc. and submit the form again. There is no absolute solution for this but different ways as explained above to make it harder for user to re-submit the form. Barbara
  5. Hey Walt, I think you are trying to restrict the number of submissions from a single user. You can ask for user email address and make this field as a unique field in your table however user can put in another email address and submit so another solution is to validate user email by having them to check in the email account and click on verification link to have their post goes live. Here is an article about this http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips/tech- ... dress.html If you want to restrict the submission based on user's IP address, add a text field in your table and for example call it IP and make is a unique field. Then in the submission form include this IP field and in the configure fields screen choose the form element as AutoValue and User IP Address. More information about form elements is available at http://help.caspio.com/questions/30/Form+Elements. However note that in this case if the IP Address is shared in a company between users then only one user in that company network can submit the form. Hope this helps. Barbara
  6. Hi Mark, It would be helpful if I could see your page online and replicate what you are experiencing. Can you create a test page and deploy the Caspio DataPage using embed model and direct me how to test it? You can tell me what is the expected behavior and what is the actual behavior that I experience from my side. Thanks, Barbara
  7. Calculations are not standard features yet but in the results page you have write a Java Script to calculate the sum or average. There is an example at viewtopic.php?f=14&t=12180 which calculates the sum of a column values in the result page, you can modify it to do the average. Cheers, Barbara
  8. Hi J, There is a sample Java Script called "JS: Calculate column sum in the result page" at viewforum.php?f=14. It shows how to calculate total of a column, you can modify the same script to calculate the second column and divide the two values. Cheers, Barbara
  9. Thanks for sharing this Mark! Cheers, Barbara
  10. Barbara

    Auto Submit

    Hi Mark, Here is a code sample to autosubmit a form. <script> function f_submit() { document.getElementById("caspioform").submit(); } window.onload = f_submit; </script> Cheers, Barbara
  11. Hi Rick, It is as simple as changing InsertRecord to EditRecord. Try it out and it should work. Cheers, Barbara
  12. Hi, A Search and Report based on a view can not be updated unless you use passing parameter from the results page to an update form which is based on the main table. Attached see the instruction. Regards, Barbara
  13. I am not sure why the images displayed stretched in the result and detail page in my form ! How can I fix this? Thanks, Barbara
  14. Hi, I have an autonumber field in the table, I have run some tests and deleted the test records but now the number starts from 20 and I would like to reset the number to start from 0, how can I do this? Barbara
  15. Hi John, Everything seems ok unless category field name, make sure all the field names match exactly with what you have in the table and make sure there is no typo. If you give me the URL of your DataPage I could see in firefox/firebug if there is any JS error. --------- Barbara
  16. Hi, What you actually need is: function validator(){ //YOUR JS CODE } document.getElementById(\"caspioform\").onsubmit= validator; Put the script in the footer of the Caspio DataPage. Try it out! Barbara
  17. Hi John, Try the following in the Capture Web Form footer: function concatenate() { var Catagory = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordCatagory\").value; var Business_Name = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordBusiness_Name\").value; var Description = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordDescription\").value; var Details = document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordDetails\").value; var Keyword = Business_Name+Catagory+Description+Details; document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordKeyword\").value = Keyword; } document.getElementById(\"caspioform\").onsubmit=concatenate; Notice that after InsertRecord prefix you need to have your corresponding field names. For the Update form use the following code: function concatenate() { var Catagory = document.getElementById(\"EditRecordCatagory\").value; var Business_Name = document.getElementById(\"EditRecordBusiness_Name\").value; var Description = document.getElementById(\"EditRecordDescription\").value; var Details = document.getElementById(\"EditRecordDetails\").value; var Keyword = Business_Name+Catagory+Description+Details; document.getElementById(\"EditRecordKeyword\").value = Keyword; } document.getElementById(\"caspioform\").onsubmit=concatenate; The only difference between these two JS is that in Web Form fields are referenced by InsertRecord prefix and in Update form ther are referenced by EditRecord prefix. Good Luck! Barbara
  18. Hello Mike, This is possible. To reference field objects in a search form, you have to use Value1_1, Value2_1, Value3_1. The first field in the search form would be Value1_1, the second one would be Value2_1, etc.
  19. As much as I know, it is not possible to have a mix of AND/OR in a datapage so ligicak operator either could be AND or could be OR.
  20. Barbara

    making login form

    Hi Loek, I think you are looking for making a login for a web form. With Caspio Bridge you can password protect forms so whenever user pullup the form he/she will see the login form to login to the web form. You can find information about this at http://howto.caspio.com/videos/getting- ... ables.html and http://howto.caspio.com/authentication/ ... ntication/ Hope it would help.
  21. Barbara

    Update Web Form?

    Yes there is a way to make the file editable. In the DataPage wizard where you select the form element as File for that field you will see two tabs for field options, one is Display Options and the other one is Edit Options where you can choose upload new file. Barbara
  22. Hi, You need to join tables by creating a View and that is how you can link those tables. Barbara
  23. Barbara

    Update Web Form?

    Hello, Update Web Form basically is used when you would like to let users to update their profile as it just pullup one record based on users login. So if you would like to let an administrator to have some rights on changing users' data you could create a Search and Report DataPage and let the fields be editable by selecting the fields' form elements as text box rather than display only in the \"Configure Details Page Fields\" wizard screen. This way admin could pullup the report and edit the data. To limit users from inserting large files you could limit the file size in the Web Form wizard where you are configuring fields. Barbara
  24. I believe the reason is that in the Update report to create the radio button options the values in the tables will be checked and since the value is still empty, a blank radio button will appear. Maybe you should have another option for your radio button options as No Answer to match the blank values. Barbara,
  25. Ben, the dropdown box has already this feature so when user type in a letter, it automatically focus on the options start with that letter. As I know, Caspio has another textbox like an autofill textbox as user enter letters it narrows options and autocomplete the option but your web server should be able to run ASP and PHP. Barbara
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