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  1. In this searchable database -- http://www.signonsandiego.com/firemap/search.html -- when a user does a search that has no results, the results page shows \"No results,\" but the map defaults to Latitude 0, Longitude 0 -- just off the coast of Africa. I have a default zoom level and home_position specified and when there are any matches the map defaults to them with no problem, it's just this \"no results\" outcome I can't figure out. Here's my code: Map it Y 700 400 3 Y 9 [@field:streetnumber] [@field:streetname], [@field:City], CA [@field:Zip] [@field:Notes] 92128 Thanks for any help.
  2. Napoleon got me started in setting up a system to record judges' ratings of a variety of nominations in a contest -- every time a logged-in judge rates an entry accessed through a DataPage, it creates a new entry recording that rating in a table, recording the Building_ID, the Judge_ID and the Rating itself. The challenge I've run into after that is how to tally the results of those votes -- that is, it's easy to display a full table for all of those ratings, but what I'd like to do is: --Either sum or average the judges' votes per each unique Building_ID --And, since we didn't prevent judges from voting multiple times, just pull the last vote (which may be too hard since it will be the last value matching the Judge_ID and Building_ID parameters in the table) --And, if possible, display each judge's own rating of a submission to them while they looking through at the DataPage of entries, so they can see whether they've already rated something. I can do the math and the display of the results for each building in JavaScript -- I just can't find a Caspio reference for setting up the query, such as \"show RATING where JUDGE_ID=1 and Building_ID=VeryTallBuilding (fieldname for this record)\". Thanks for any suggestions.
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