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  1. Has anyone built a facebook app based on a caspio datapage? if so, how?
  2. Does anyone know how you cap the number of characters that can be entered in a Web Form in the Text Area? It lets me select, say, 40 characters wide by 5 lines. But if a user puts in more than that it passes right through and then the Yahoo map bubble with that information is huge. So is there a way to limit the amount of text that can be inputted in a Text Area? (Note: when i tried to use Text Field instead my form looked awful because the field was just the normal one-line by about 25 characters wide so you couldn't see what you were writing.) And is there something you add to the HTML to limit the amount of text that shows in a Yahoo map bubble when you scroll over or click on it? Thanks!
  3. I do want the map with the pins on the results page, just not that \"map it'' column in the results box. The notion is to have the 25 results come up with pins on the map above them. Then when someone clicks the Details tab in the Caspio box, they'll get the details and a smaller map showing the individual spot.
  4. Anyone know how I would tweak the code to eliminate the \"Map It'' column that is inserted when you're using a Yahoo map with a Caspio results page? Obviously deleting the words Map it will eliminate the words, but I'd like to eliminate that column from the table and have the individual map display only when someone clicks through to the details page. Thanks for the help! Here's what goes into the HTML block now creating that column.... Map it Y 630 500 3 Y 7 [@field:LASTTRANS] [@field:LASTVALUE] [@field:Address] [@field:Description] 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC 20500
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