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  1. Hello, This is not a standard feature of a dropdown/listbox, however you can have a link next to your dropdown (in an HTML block), which takes user to another webform (a capture webform) to enter a new value into the lookup table. Refreshing the original page will refresh the dropdown and the new value would appear in the list. http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/form- ... pdown.html Cheers, Cricket
  2. Hi, The hidden field has the same element id on the page. To make sure you can check its id by looking at the source code of the page. So grab the DataPage URL from deployment wizard, open in a browser and view source. Then look for the Total_rating and find its id. Cheers, Cricket
  3. Hi, As I understand you are trying to pass parameters from one form to another form. It is either not being passed correctly or it is being passed but not received properly. If you can provide a URL for me to see the flow, I can understand what the problem might be. Regards, Cricket
  4. Hi, The link should be as following: Click Here In the Search/Report where you receive these parameters in the filtering fields you need to make sure the parameter names are the same as what you have defined in the URL where you are passing them: [@Request_ID] [@Email_Requestor] Cheers, Cricket
  5. Hi, You can make a Search and Report and enable download results option, this way you can search for a single record and download it as CSV. To see how to enable download option in a Search and Report, please refer to the Forum section Bridge How-To at viewtopic.php?f=13&t=5638 Best, Cricket
  6. Hi Jeff, Unfortunately, cascading dropdown option is not available in mobile forms. We will add this to the new feature request list. Thanks, Cricket
  7. Hi, This is not easy and it needs java scripts to read the rows one by one and apply the color feature based some values. Cheers, Cricket
  8. Hi Paul, You can setup the acknowledgment email in the details page to send an email upon record update. Cheers, Cricket
  9. Is there a way to change the value of a field other than it defaulting to a number? For instance, I would like to have it display as \"approved\" or \"not approved\" instead of 0 and 1. Not sure if it's possible. Thanks!
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