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  1. I currently have my caspio datapage to set to receive parameters of the "?marketing_source=referral" if they land on the exact page. However, when my visitor moves to another page, the "marketing_source=referral" goes away. Then, if they submit the form, it does not receive any parameters. So, I am needing the "marketing_source" to stay in the browser per session....no matter what page they are on. Example: An ad I place on Google would have this destination url.... 1) http://www.TaxReliefGuys.com/?Marketing_Source=google 2) Notice this in browser? 3) Now, go to anther page on the same site 4) Notice the "marketing_source" is now gone? Any ideas out their? Thanks, Curtis
  2. Is there an EASY way to make a row of data (lead) change colors based on a value submitted on the details page? And, can it be so it is user specific assuming many users are tagging same leads and sharing same database. This way, users can know which leads they called already.
  3. Bahar, thanks for reply but I do not understand the "and choose username from the authentication field dropdown" part. Can you elaborate? What Screen would this be on? Also, are you aware of a way to show the user the leads they checked "yes" on so that it is user specific assuming that 10 users are sharing all the same leads? I can make it stamp a Green "yes" now, but then all users see the "yes" from other users. =( I know I can get custom programming and do this...just looking for a work around. Thanks,
  4. Is there a way (using parameters maybe) to track when a SPECIFIC user clicks specific fields or actions? Example... A leads database where my users (authenticated) click "details" and then check a box "yes" called "made contact". Then, I can run a report to see which users tagged how many. Thanks, Curtis
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