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  1. I was looking for something that would work like this: http://www.newson6.com/global/Category.asp?c=161406&nav=menu682_2_3 where multiple plots were offset just a little so you could tell there were multiple records for one address.
  2. Can a Caspio Mashup plot the same address more than once? I have a crime mapper with some addresses appearing multiple times in a table search result but when its mapped, only one icon appears for the mapped location.
  3. Did I miss the update the includes this feature? If not, any word on when it might be released? Thanks, Curtis Killman
  4. Unless I'm doing something wrong, any idea when we will be able to upload a 2007 version table?
  5. Neither seem to do both. I need a search and report data page and the ability via a web form data page to add new records to the same table. I suppose I could just create the two separatly and link the web form to the same table and access the web form via a link on the search and report data page. Is this the best way to handle this? Curtis
  6. Is there a way for Caspio to display different colored map icons on the same map? I'm using a Yahoo mashup.
  7. I have a contacts database that I'd like to make accessible via RLS and then searchable by users via area of interest, contact name and/or contact agency. I'd also like for users to be able to update individual contacts records that are retrieved via a search and to create new records on the fly in the contacts db. I need help doing this, if it is possible. Thanks Curtis
  8. I have a yahoo mashup that I'd like to have results filtered by zip code. Unfortunately, my address data doesn't include zips and I'd rather not take the time append zips to each address. Is there a way to tell Yahoo maps to first geocode all the ZIPless addresses it receives but then only plot those addresses where the zip of the geocoded point matches that of the preselected ZIP code, via perhaps a virtual field?
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