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    Hyperlink Field

    I would like to add a field in my webform that will allow the user to enter link to a word file. Is that possible? Thanks Chris
  2. In any datapage, is there a way to include help text that would display when the user's cursor is over the appropriate field? Example: Field Name = Initial Approval Date, I would like to add that this is the same as the Proposal Date. If I enter Initial Aproval/Proposal Date the field label is too long. Thanks Chris
  3. This does not work when a date range is entered in the search and edit datapage. For example if I use to criteria to search a date field and then try to use that date field in the header, the result is the first date in the results table. Have any ideas? Thanks
  4. What is the maximum space alloted for uploading files into CASPIO? Thanks Chris
  5. I want to have a field that captures the date a web page form was completed and submitted. I know there is a way to do this, but I just can't remember -- can someone help with this? Thanks Chris
  6. Thanks, I can see how this works for one field, but what if you had several fields that could be searched by? Using the example that you used, what if you could search by County or by State. I think that I could put both statements in the header and if nothing is entered in the search for CountyFieldName nothing will show up in the first line. You Have Searched by County [@field:CountyFieldName] AND You Have Searched by State [@field:StateFieldName] Thanks Chris
  7. I have created a search and report datapage that can be searched utilizing different fields (i.e. A date field or an employee name field). The users would like the header for the results table datapage to more reflective of what they searched for (i.e. CASPIO DB Results for Employee Name, where employee name is the name of the field searched by).
  8. Thank you for the code, the link is actually in a CASPIO databage. Which I found out if you right click on the link you can open in a new page. Thank you.
  9. I have a search and report form that I want to apply different logic operators with. 2 Names fields - I want this to be an either or. I am passing parameters from the 1st name field to the second name field. Date fields -- I want this to be \"And\" logical operator. So you could search for \"John Doe\" in NameField1 or NameField2 AND for date > 01/01/08. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. So were do I find the \"target\" property? I guess I am showing my lack of experience. Thanks :oops:
  11. I have a webpage that I would like make available through other webpages but open this webform in a new window. The webpage is for the user to request changes to the database. Does this make sense?? I appreciate any help you might have on this. Thanks 8)
  12. Please add me to the list of those requesting this functionalitly. This would be great!
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