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  1. Thanks, DN31337! I did try that early on, but that feature doesn't seem to be available in grid-edit mode, only details page and single record.
  2. Hello — I have a similar need and attempted (and failed) to modify this code for my purposes. Hoping someone here can help! We have a school closings list on our news website, which has 2 different Caspio forms for doing updates. One is for the schools themselves, and the users can only access a single record. The update form is simple — the user can change the "Status" of the school (Open, Closed, Early dismissal, 2-hour delay, etc.), plus there's a text field for additional notes. A school doesn't display on the listing if the status is "Open," so to prevent a school from inpu
  3. Thanks everyone for the help. For a long time, the Map Mashup 7 instructions indicated that Google would only plot 10 or so non-geocoded addresses. Today, I noticed the information changed, to say "no more than 10 per second." Also, I think we had an outdated API key. So solves part of our problem, but yes -- non-geocoded loads painfully slowly ... Mike
  4. Yes, using Google with the Map Mashup v7 is an option, but as I mentioned the problem is requirement that the data be geocoded. Some of these datapages have tens of 1000s of records -- or even hundreds of 1000s -- and are updated reguarly, so I need to find a solution that doesn't require paying for batch geocoding. Has anyone attempted to create a mapping extension similar to the "old" map mashup using MapQuest rather than Google or Yahoo? Mike
  5. We have several DataPages using the "old" map mashup JavaScript extension with Yahoo maps. Just last week, the maps on all the pages stopped functioning (locates just one point, out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean -- all maps behave the same). After a little bit of hunting, I found news that Yahoo's maps API was shut down about 2 years ago. However, ours all continued to function until just this week. So on one hand I assume this is why our maps no longer work, but on the other don't understand how they could have continued to function fine all this time. Switching to Google maps i
  6. mdupras

    Hiding the header

    That's it, or something like it! I just gave the header a and then customized the error message to hide that ID. I think I've actually done this before but just forgot how to do it ... thanks! -- Mike
  7. Is there a way to hide the header, for example, on a search and report error page when no results are found? -- Mike
  8. Hello -- I'm unfamiliar with the automatic email notification feature and have a question. Let's say I had a table of 50 records -- could I set up a different email address with each record so that only that particular email address would be notified when only that particular record is updated? -- Mike
  9. Hi all -- I'm building a real estate transaction database that uses a separate web form that passes parameter to a search and report form on the same page. The idea is that when the database is initially accessed it will display a map of the most recent real estate transactions in the database; the user can then use the form to generate a new search to filter and/or expand the results. Part of search is a date range, and I'm using JavaScript to calculate a default date range of the previous 20 days for that initial view. What I'm trying to do is insert those two dates into virtual fields o
  10. Thanks again -- but that still doesn't seem to work. The button still looks the same, without the Caspio style. To write a function, I'll need to encase that in Java tags -- does that work in an HTML block? I tried putting the button in the footer and it creates problems with the other Java code I have there. -- Mike
  11. Hi all -- This seems like it should be simple, but I'm struggling with it. I have a web form in which the user chooses items from certain dropdown menus that cascade to other dropdown menus, which I want to hide or disable. The selection they make puts one value in one field with the main dropdown and a connected value in another field from the cascaded dropdown. I want to hide or disable the virtual cascaded dropdowns because the user doesn't need to see that information. Here's the code I'm using but isn't working: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var fieldName = "cbParamVirtual
  12. Thank you, Bahar! That does the trick. But I have a couple of follow up questions ... 1. Is there a way to make this button look the same as the Caspio-generated "Search" button? 2. Part of my form includes some check boxes that show and hide parts of the form. I would actually want to make this button only clear the form questions but not the check boxes if they are indeed checked. Could I write a function that would do that and make a button like this control the function instead of resetting everything? Thanks! -- Mike
  13. Hi all -- Is there a way to add a button that would clear all the selections made in a search form -- resetting the fields to the default choices? -- Mike
  14. Also, I should clarify -- I don't want to just hide the input fields, but all the associated labels, etc., as well. -- Mike
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