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  1. Thanks, DN31337! I did try that early on, but that feature doesn't seem to be available in grid-edit mode, only details page and single record.
  2. Hello — I have a similar need and attempted (and failed) to modify this code for my purposes. Hoping someone here can help! We have a school closings list on our news website, which has 2 different Caspio forms for doing updates. One is for the schools themselves, and the users can only access a single record. The update form is simple — the user can change the "Status" of the school (Open, Closed, Early dismissal, 2-hour delay, etc.), plus there's a text field for additional notes. A school doesn't display on the listing if the status is "Open," so to prevent a school from inpu
  3. It does -- thank you! I'll give that a try. -- Mike
  4. Thank you Barbara! I was able to customize the icon and label, but yes, it's the formatting of the labels (font, etc.) and the header that I'm looking to alter. Thanks for looking into it for me! -- Mike
  5. Hi all -- I'm using the new map mashup for the first time and looking to figure out how to customize the appearance of the clickable category filters for the map -- i.e. the font, size, wording of the label, etc. I've pored over the style and localization files but haven't found anything that seems connected to this. Here's a screenshot of the area I'm referring to: Thanks! -- Mike
  6. Thanks everyone for the help. For a long time, the Map Mashup 7 instructions indicated that Google would only plot 10 or so non-geocoded addresses. Today, I noticed the information changed, to say "no more than 10 per second." Also, I think we had an outdated API key. So solves part of our problem, but yes -- non-geocoded loads painfully slowly ... Mike
  7. Yes, using Google with the Map Mashup v7 is an option, but as I mentioned the problem is requirement that the data be geocoded. Some of these datapages have tens of 1000s of records -- or even hundreds of 1000s -- and are updated reguarly, so I need to find a solution that doesn't require paying for batch geocoding. Has anyone attempted to create a mapping extension similar to the "old" map mashup using MapQuest rather than Google or Yahoo? Mike
  8. We have several DataPages using the "old" map mashup JavaScript extension with Yahoo maps. Just last week, the maps on all the pages stopped functioning (locates just one point, out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean -- all maps behave the same). After a little bit of hunting, I found news that Yahoo's maps API was shut down about 2 years ago. However, ours all continued to function until just this week. So on one hand I assume this is why our maps no longer work, but on the other don't understand how they could have continued to function fine all this time. Switching to Google maps i
  9. Hi Angela -- The problem seems to resolve itself. I've seen it happen again since posting this query, then later the pointers are back again. Some kind of glitch? Not sure, but it doesn't stick around. -- Mike
  10. Hi all -- I recall in the past that Caspio has provided Census data, either pre-built tables or even DataPages that could be edited and customized. Is that the case with this year's data release? I can't find any information on the Caspio site. Thanks! -- Mike
  11. Just saw this post. No, it looks like another user copy and pasted an older comment from me that I had posted while it was still an issue. Strange! -- Mike
  12. Well, that's puzzling, but it's good news! Thanks for helping me troubleshoot! -- Mike
  13. Yes, we saw that error, too. But we were having the problem even when we removed it from the page entirely. You said it's working properly ... you're seeing the red "pushpins" on the map when you do a search? -- Mike
  14. Interestingly, I've noticed the same problem when looking at Caspio's own Yahoo map mashup example on their site. Could someone take a look at this link in Internet Explorer and post whether you get the same results (no pointers)? http://apps.caspio.com/demo/ygolf/ Thanks! -- Mike
  15. Unfortunately, swapping in the latest mashup code had no affect. Still no pointers. We also tested posting the entire Caspio code block on an entirely blank document, with none of the site's coding, furniture, style, ads etc., to make sure nothing was conflicting. Same result. Any other ideas? Thanks! -- Mike
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