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  1. Hi, we have a Caspio database that's populated with data that's keyed in manually using a Caspio web form. Today in a database with 11,000 records, about 500 no longer have information in the Date field, which is a required entry. A look at a backup of the database downloaded two months ago show that at that time the records in question had Dates. Other fields in the affected record appear to be OK. However, other records appear to be missing information on other required fields (datestamp, for instance). We have multiple people entering data, possibly at the same time. Does Caspio lock the database to prevent two people from accessing the database at the same time? Any other ideas that what would cause the seemingly arbitary loss (the loss occurs over a wide range of time)? Thanks. Richard
  2. I am looking at the Caspio map example showing the proximity plugin (enter a ZIP code and find the closest libraries). I am NOT interested in the proximity plugin. But, how do you do this: The results show multiple points on a Google Map. Then when you click on one of the items in the list, the other points are erased and the existing map pans over to a single point. The map does not have to redraw -- the existing complete list of results continues to display instead of going to a details page. This seems to be different than the mashup instructions (at least for v4). I can't see a way to bypass a \"details\" page and instead map a single point from the generated list of results. Are you using an earlier iteration of mashups? Which one? Thanks, Richard
  3. Hi, I followed the directions on the caspio javascript solutions page to enable multi-select on a listbox on a web form. When I go to the new page, I am indeed able to select more than one item. This page is a form that passes parameters to a search page (with pre-determined criteria). The problem is that the multi-selected fields return no matches on the results page. (Essentially, an individual is selected multiple counties to get the data for those two counties). I have the search form set to accept the parameters, with the match as \"contains.\" Any suggestions? Thanks! richard
  4. caspio's mapping protocol uses a javascript file that's referenced in the embed code: http://bridge.caspio.net/scripts/caspio_mashupsv4.js You can change some of the parameters by creating your own version of this caspio_mashupsv4.js file. Put the new file on your web server with your other cgi or javascript files. Within that file, look for the setCenter command. You can also change the default error warning message. My experience has been limited to Google maps, so I'm not sure about yahoo maps, if you're using that. Of course, presumably if you create your own mashups js file you will not be privy to any updates to the code that Caspio may decide to make (since your version will be separate from theirs). Hope all that makes sense. Richard The Times-Picayune
  5. One of the nice things about having a listbox (with a linked lookup table) in an entry form is that a person can enter the first few letters of a street, for example, and the right street name will pop in. Best I can tell, cascading listboxes or dropboxes kill this little feature. If you type P-I-T, the letters P then I then T will appear (each replacing the other letter) -- instead of the word Pitt, for example. I know this may seem minor, but one of the points to having a listbox is to cut down on errors in spelling. (And having a cascading list means a few hundred names load instead of +10,000.) Having to manually make the selection (moving the mouse to the list) is annoying. I've tried Explorer 6 (pc), Safari 3.0 (mac), Firefox 3.0 (pc and mac) -- and they all seem to have the same issue. Am I doing something wrong? Are there workarounds? Thanks! Richard
  6. Thanks, I actually figured it out earlier today. I just installed Firebug -- thanks for the tip. Richard
  7. Thanks for your help. I'm not getting any results with this modification. Can you see the problem? Is this correct, or should I assign (document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordCrossStreet\")) to a variable and then use the variable in the if statement? And is xxx.checked a correct way to refer to the value of the yes/no checkbox? Thanks again. function intersection() { if(document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordCrossStreet\")).checked){ document.getElementByID(\"InsertRecordaddress\").value==\"help\"; } else { document.getElementByID(\"InsertRecordaddress\").value==\"me\"; } } document.getElementByID(\"CrimeEntryForm\").onsubmit=intersection;
  8. An earlier post clarified how to to this, but best I can figure out, you have to use the decimal values, because Caspio doesn't suport utf-8 coding in a web search form (which i THINK is required to render the degree mark). Maybe you can figure out a script to convert deg/min to decimal. Anyway, here are the instructions from the earlier post, which worked for me:
  9. Hi, Upon submit of a WebForm datapage, I want to generate new text for a record depending on whether or not a checkbox on the Webform is checked. Something like this, I think: function intersection() { if(document.forms[0].CrossStreet.checked){ document.forms[0].InsertRecordaddress.value==\"help\"; } else { document.forms[0].InsertRecordaddress.value==\"me\"; } } document.forms[0].onsubmit=intersection; My checkbox is called CrossStreet. If it's checked, I'm going to plug in some unrelated data into the [address] field. The script coding is in the footer section of the WebForm datapage. (The address field is hidden and is blank) Many, many thanks for any ideas on what I'm doing wrong. Something simple, I hope :-) Richard
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