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  1. Hello: I am trying to create a two-page form where the second page is displayed only if a checkbox form field is checked. I placed the code below in the HTML Footer field of the form, but when I enter the form data and click submit, nothing happens. Anybody have a suggestion? <script type=\"text/javascript\"> function getDeps() { if (document.getElementById(\"EditRecordDependent_Coverage\").checked) {dependent_search } } document.forms[0].onsubmit=getDeps; </script> Thanks
  2. Thank you very much. It worked flawlessly. I did have to view the code to determine how the virtual field element was referenced. In this case, it was referenced as \"cbParamVirtual1.\"
  3. I found the answer myself by contacting Caspio Technical Support. In order to suppress the \"Powered by Caspio\" link at the bottom of your Web forms, call Technical Support and ask them to remove the link. Thought you'd want to know...
  4. Does anybody have a code snippet that suppresses the \"Powered by Caspio\" link at the bottom of a Web form? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi... I am creating an application that, among other fields, uses two checkboxes. If the first checkbox is checked, the second checkbox is visible (or enabled). If the first checkbox is unchecked, the second checkbox is invisible (or disabled). The first checkbox is bound to a datatable field. The second checkbox is a virtual field type. I've tried everything I can think-of, but I can't make the second checkbox disappear or disable it. I tried modifying the JavaScript code on the Caspio Website that is supposed to disable a second drop-down list based on the first drop-down's select
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