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  1. Thanks Bahar. I'll check out the examples as well & bone-up on my javascript :)

    On a separate topic (one that I posted earlier but got no response to) is there a way to populate a local recordset (ADO, XML, etc?) using web services?

    I am completely new to WS but imagine that connecting to and retrieving a recordset is pretty universal. I mean there is probably a universal method that works with any caspio account, with a few minor changes. If so can I get a sample code snippet?

  2. Hi Bahar,

    Thanks for the follow up. I understand what you were saying. But my intention (and I suspect the desire of many other users) would be to access the authenticaton info outside any datapage (authenticated or otherwise).

    Using the example you just gave, it would be best implemented outside the datapage (in the upper right corner of the web page containing the datapage to show the user who's logged in and to allow them to modify their account settings). Presenting the information withing the datapage would be non-standard and not typical of the numerous web sites that the users would be familiar with (Amazon, etc.).

    I don't see why once authenticated that info cannot be persisted and accessed outside any authintication framework to assist a developer in tieing an application together.

    Is there a way to pass the caspio authentication info to session variables on the users server for future access during the session? Would it be possible to create a datapage that sets session varibles on the user's web server? I'm not sure how this would be implemented...

  3. Can this \"solution\" be used to create a single login form for a site that has multi-level authentication?

    Right now I have several folder with various levels of authentication and a login link to each. For example:

    Login as:

    Project Manager



    I'd just like to have a single login form on my index.asp page and use some backend coding and javascript to route the person to the correct folder OR do away with the Caspio authentication all together because it's very clunky...

    BTW because of the Caspio authentication scheme I have to have duplicated datapages with only a few minor changes. Not only is it a cost factor, but in terms of maintenance it could become a nightmare! Basically I believe in code/application re-use so this is disappointing.

  4. Can someone provide more information or documentation for the usage of the [@authfield:FIELDNAME] method for accessing a field value from the authentication table;


    Once a user is authenticated, is this method available to use on any datapage regardless of whether the datapage is in an authentication controlled folder or not?

    I read about it in a previous post but have not been able to figure it out...if true the documentation is non-existent.

  5. Hi,

    I am hoping someone can help me with this...

    I am trying to figure out how to sort results in a View. I don't see this option in the wizard and can't understand why this option is not provided because it seems a pretty basic and common task in DB development.

    The reason I need the above functionallity is because I need to sort the results in a Datapage using one or more fields that are not displayed...again a pretty basic need or common occurance in DB development.

    What I am doing is displaying the results of a datapage in a HTML block because it provides me with much better formatting control (along with CSS styles) than the standard wizard-driven output. But doing it this way the fields are not selected for display, and thus not available for sorting in the wizard.

    I'm not averse to modifying the XML (View or Datapage) but don't know what to modify or if that's even possible...I also thought about discarding the HTML block and using CSS to control the display of the wizard-driven results but not sure if I can acheive that with my limited CSS skills & knowledge.

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