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  1. I want a user to have one search box , but have that one search box search 3-4 fields.. If i tell my datapage to have the ability to search 4 fields, it ads 4 text boxes to the search screen. can i consolidate it into one box, and the user will search 1 term, and it will take that term and display all matches within all the fields i set?
  2. I have caspio deployed into a joomla site, it works perfectly but for a user to have to reload the entire page to see the search results kind of sucks.. Can i have the search box (and button) on my main page, but when they type in what they want to search, and click search, it opens another box to display the results? If so, can i hide a caspio URL and mask it as my own? IF not, can i have a "new search" button appear after a search result so if they want to do another search they dont need to press BACK. (and thus reloading the entire website again just to search..)
  3. I got it to work successfully in joomla. I think the problem has to do with the default editor. you must goto your configuration page, and select "NO EDITOR" then save it.. then goto your module (or whever you want to publish it), and copy/paste the embed code or whatever code you wish. THis should work. Once you are done and verify its working, you can enable your editor once again. there is a feature for "HTML" in the editor that lets you write custom HTML, this will NOT WORK EITHER, you must disable the editor from what i have noticed. if you ever need to go back and modify that module/article/etc, you must disable the editor again before you do .
  4. Depending on how big the problem is (size),this might work. I had the same problem and all i had to do was adjust the search box size in the data form. The results displayed perfectly with my website, but the search BOX was overlapping.. so i went back to edit the data page, and where it says "Field Width" i did "15" instead of the default which i think was 25. i use the embed code.
  5. 1) When you use a webform to SEARCH and results are found or not found, how can i add a back button to the results screen?. Right now i need to press backspace.. but my users wont know to do that. 2) can i add a static line of text above or below the search, results, or details page.. something so i can put a disclaimer ? thanks guys.
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