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  1. OK - I'm used to using * as the wildcard, but it's %. There you go for future reference...
  2. I'm trying to use SOAP SelectDataRaw call to query my table and I want to use "LIKE" in the criteria section but I'm not able to. Criteria would be similar to: Name LIKE 'jame' to get result "James" (where yes, James is in the table). I've tried: Name LIKE 'jame' Name LIKE '*jame*' Name LIKE *jame* How do I query the table to return results where only a portion of the field need be identified???
  3. Is there really still not a way to do a batch update? We've been using Caspio for a few years now and this is one of the biggest drawbacks, one which has caused us to shop around for other database solutions. We have hundreds of records that we would like to be able to add (not replace, but add to the existing record) comments to, and we have to do each one individually, which is a major pain. Even to export the data to Excel then re-import to Caspio (hoping to God we don't do something that will blow out our data) is too much for a non-tech person to do. Does Caspio have a desire to do this?
  4. I would like to be able to have multiple fields appear in a dropdown list. Currently, I have a dropdown on a datapage that displays a last name from another table. I would like for it to display a first and last name in that dropdown. Is there a way to do this? -Jim
  5. I have a search form set up to pass all fields as parameters. I would like to, upon drilling down to the details page, be able to pass these parameters to a webform, where the user could use the form to save this data to a different table. I do not understand how to actually pass the values to the webform, or perhaps more clearly, how to actually get to the webform from the search and report form. Ultimately, I'd like to be able to take this entire dataset and update up to 3 tables with this one set of data. I'll take baby steps though . Any help would be appreciated.
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