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  1. HI I got registration form for companys that offering building services in this form I got drop down with states (adress) I got registration table and datapage - username password, adress, dropdown state, company descripton etc. in my html website I got separate html pages for each state how to make search and report data apears in my html state page?. example if company fills registration form and chose alaska state in dropdown this company apears in mywebsite.com/alaska.html simon
  2. Hi I got long form and I need to separate some firlds with txt like, login information company information, how to put this between fieds in one form thanks sim
  3. Hello Im really excited of caspio I just find it fev days ago. I building job posting website (members based) I need advice if all of this I can do it with caspio? I got already builded websit in html working online. I need to make customers registration and login and trades registration and login. When trade person loggs in then will have members area website, with update details upload photos change password. For customers I need them to be able post jobs - they fill the form and submit and this post apears in specific place on my website. Its possible to do all of this with caspio? thanks Simon
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