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  1. I see that the database can add columns and display a total. Can it find an average in a column? thanks
  2. I have a reciept submission process where users submit info and a scanned file of a reciept. This goes to a pending state until reviewed and approved. When check box of approved is checked, I want to send an email reciept that caputres info from the record, amount, reason, etc. to the person who submited the reciept. how can I do this in Caspio? Thanks
  3. I had a upper/lower case issue between the tables on a field name. Now I get a no records message. Records appear when done as a view.
  4. The URL I have from deploying the 'many' of the one to many pages is FlaggingDetail Search and Report The example from the 1 to many PDF does not have an 'AppKey=' component. Where do I put the FlaggingID=[@field:FlaggingID] for this page? Variable I want to pass is FlaggingID. From the example: Reviews where Product_ID is the variable and the instructions are to just replace the URL letters with the URL from the deploy page. Spent over an hour trying several different variations, none worked. thanks
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