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  1. Thanks, Perland! I just tried your suggestion and it worked great!
  2. Yes, I know. I am attending those webinars and learning much. Ed even said I can repeat them as many times as I need to. I would assume I can send an assistant in my place, even if we do have to share a login for now. My sister wasn't very hip on it at first, but she's more open to working with it now. She's the one who did the website design for the second site I list in the next paragraph. Wanna see some pages I've already deployed? Check out www.LarkTucker.com/hk.php and www.MyProbateAdvance.com -- the home page AND the Apply Now page. I also have a back-end login set up already for MyProbateAdvance for my CSRs to process our applicants. My biggest project is still waiting for me to tackle it, but the experience I'm gaining on these smaller ones is helping a lot. I am falling in love with your product! With blessings, Lark
  3. That's good to know. First I have to find someone who is even willing to learn how to use it. I suppose I might get someone a bit more willing to learn when I already have all my primary applications set up! For now, up to the creation of my first 20+ data pages, there's not much sense in paying double just to have a second admin user. I can see us growing to enough applications over time to justify a professional package in the not-too-distant future. Thanks again, Lark
  4. Apparently, my account does not allow multiple users. Oh well. The Enterprise accounts aren't within my budget at this stage. Thanks for your help. 8)
  5. The answer to this is probably already somewhere, but I can't find it. How do I add a second person to allow them to work inside Caspio Bridge? Thanks!
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