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  1. I have created a search and report form and I don't see anyway to add a destination/Trigger page. After a submission on my search and report form I would like to be able to eitehr return to my HTML page or have a message box that says "your submission is possible" thanks Michelle
  2. I want the fields to link to the same table as a drop down. For example Field 1 (links to dropdown 1) Field 2 (links to dropdown 2) Field 3 (links to dropdown 1) Field 4 (links to dropdown 2) Is there any way I can give Field 1 and 3 the same dropdown. thanks ~Michelle
  3. I have several fields that I want to have the same format in a web form. Is there any way I can do this without having to go in and change each individual record? thanks ~Michelle
  4. I am reading in the help that I can format my date/time as either date or time. However, when I add a field as date/time it wants it to be a date in the webform. How can I reformat it to be a time. I don't see a formating option when I am in the table detail. Thanks in advance. ~michelle Here is what it says in help: Defines the time pattern. Choose one of the patterns available for the selected region, and provide your own AM and PM symbols if desired. Applies to: Date/Time, Text
  5. I created a table in my caspio bridge account, but now I want to modify the table structure (i.e. add more fields. How would I do this? thanks, Michelle
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