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  1. So I've got a list of hiking trails. Users can search by various criteria and see the trailheads on a Google map (not visible on the page at this writing). The map bubbles show the name of the trail and a thumbnail photograph. Each record will have a link to a different page where users can enter comments about their experiences on the trail. A field in the Caspio table contains the url to the comments page. I want hyperlinked text to show in the map bubble that users can click to go to the comments page. The problem is the map bubble shows the contents of the link field, but it doesn't treat the text as a link so it just shows the HTML code: Tell about your experience on this trail and check what others have written. That's produced from this code, which I put in the html block on my Caspio data page. The field called link is the one that contains the link to the external page for each trail. [@field:name]http://b3.caspio.com/dpImages.asp?appkey=3e081000a9e902b88a854c398450&file=[@field:image1][@field:link] Any ideas how I can make a link inside the map bubble? Thanks.
  2. I've seen several references to a problem with letting users upload photos. Apparently the issue is storage space -- if lots of users upload lots of photos it will cost my company a bunch of money. I guess. Can someone break this down for me? I am a news reporter. I created a Caspio Web form that allows readers to report weather conditions where they are and to upload a photo of what's going outside their homes, etc. Then the reports and photos are immediately available for other readers to view. The advice I've seen is to store photos on our own servers, but in this case that doesn't seem workable. I need this page to be basically self-maintaining. I can't be managing reader photo submissions throughout a day by grabbing them and transferring them to our own servers. Can anyone offer some insights? Thanks.
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