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  1. Hi, You can create a Search/Report DataPage and on the details page you can make the fields editable. In this way user can edit the fields name and %_lost both. This will overwrite the existing values. The complete Search/Report DataPage counts as one DataPage. Regards, Megha
  2. Hi, 1. You donot need to have and tags in the HTML block. 2. A few errors in JavaScript See the corrected one here: var s1="https://b3.caspio.com/dpImages.asp?appk ... 9b8&file="; var s2=document.getElementById("EditRecordUtstyr").value; var s3="'/>"; var s4= s1.concat(s2,s3); document.write(s4); 3. If you have an image stored within Caspio then there is no URL for the image and you cannot access it through a URL. Its better if you store Images on your own server and then access them via absolute URL. So the variable s1 has the absolute URL to the image stored on your server. Hope this helps, Megha
  3. Hi, Your script looks good to me. Is it still giving some problem? It seems that you might be missing something else. Check your table, is there no data submitted for the field "total". If not then the script is not fine. If there is data for the field but its not showing up on datapage then there is some other error, may be the way you are passing and receiving the parameters. Regards, Megha
  4. Hi, Is it possible for you to provide the URL? Thanks, Megha
  5. Hi Cris, Caspio is meant for non-programmers. However if you know some basic HTML, CSS styling and little bit of JavaScript then you should be very good. Also Caspio offers Professional Services and they can custom build your application at one time development fee. http://caspio.com/services/services.asp Thanks, Megha
  6. Hi, This JavaScript is on which page. If it is on the details page, then you need to change the line var s2=document.getElementById("InsertRecordUtstyr") to var s2=document.getElementById("EditRecordUtstyr") If this JavaScript is in the HTML DataPage, that you open after the Search and Report DataPage then you do not need to use getElementById. You can replace this line var s2=document.getElementById("InsertRecordUtstyr") by var s2=[@Utstyr]; Hope this helps. Megha
  7. Hi, You can have "else if" statements. if (state.match("CA")) { window.open("http://www.caspio.com"); } else if (state.match("PA")) { window.open("http://www.w3schools.com"); } else if (state.match("NY")) { window.open("http://www.somethingelse.com"); }
  8. Hi, You have just one record so the dropdown has that value selected in the field. Thanks, Megha
  9. Hi, In this case you can have the URL field included in the table and include it in the DataPage and then make it a dropdown with lookup to another table with one field and one record URL. You can include this field in the Acknowledgement Email. Now you can just change the value of URL in that lookup table instead of editing the Datapage. You can hide the URL field on the webform. Another possibility is to have a Date field as dropdown and URL field as cascading dropdown. The lookup table will now have Dates and URLs stored. If I choose today's date the URL field has today's URL like that. Thanks, Megha
  10. Hi, Does the URL depend on some other field on the Webform. Regards, Megha
  11. Hi, If I have understood your question correctly, before submitting the form, you want to check whether the field has value less than 25 or not. You are right that you need a JavaScript for this. a hint: var student = getElementById("InsertRecordfieldname"); var student_num = parsefloat(student.value); if(student_num>25) alert("Student number cant be more than 25"); There is another possible solution for this. If it is possible to have a range instead of exact number, you can have a range dropdown for this. So you can have custom values: Display Value 0-5 5 5-10 10 etc. Regards, Megha
  12. Hi, Yes you are right. There is some kind of JavaScript required to dynamically define the map Icon based on the type of crime. Caspio Professional Services department can custom program this for you. You can fill out this form for the customization http://www.caspio.com/services/services.asp Regards, Megha
  13. Hi, As I understand you want to have a Search based on values in two fields Zip and City and the value for the Search field is passed from a Virtual field "Where". If "Where" can be either City or Zip than in your table you need to combine the Zip and City field and name it "Search_Where". Then you will use this "Search_Where" as the Search field on Search page and pass the value of "Where" to this field. Also when you configure "Search_Where" field, configure Comparison type to "contains". e.g. Table: Zip State Search_Where 95053 California 95050 California Regards, Megha
  14. MeghaJ

    Combo field again

    Hi, I think the error is in the line: document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordName\").name; Instead of that, it should be document.getElementById(\"InsertRecordName\") = name; Regards, Megha
  15. Hi, As far as I know you cannot access fields in an HTML file outside the Caspio-Bridge. I understand that you want to have user print results. I believe Caspio Support has a solution for this. I would suggest you to open a support ticket on Caspio Support portal. https://support.caspio.com/Default.asp Regards, Megha
  16. Hi, You forgot to change the field name to the one that you have in your table. Change this part of the code. document.forms[0].EditRecordDate.value=v_TimeStamp; to document.forms[0].EditRecordtodaysdate.value=v_TimeStamp; Also EditRecordFieldname is to access a field in a Search/Report DataPage. If you are trying to run this JavaScript for a webform then it would be InsertRecordFieldname. Thanks, Megha
  17. Hi, Yes you can format the Acknowledgment email. To have the fields on the same line you need to insert them on the same line. A field is inserted wherever you have the cursor at the time. So before you click insert for a field, make sure that cursor is where you want the field to appear at. Also to have bold field you can add CSS styling within the Email and set the Email format to HTML. Or you can change the styling inside the Styles section. Thanks, Megha
  18. Hi, I agree JavaScript requires some playing around..So keep trying It is essentially Event based. Put in simple words, you can say JavaScript works like: If "This Action" happens, Give "This Reaction". In your script you have the "This Reaction" but you are not specifying that the JS compiler needs to give this Reaction on which Action. So change your code as: window.onload =document.getElementById("CombinedField").style.display ='none'; Hope this helps. Thanks Megha
  19. Hi, Please see the following posting. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=9500 Thanks, Megha
  20. Hi, If you are passing the parameters correctly than I think the only problem with your script is that instead of var i=[@VendorSelection]; it should be var i="[@VendorSelection]"; Hope this helps. Thanks, Megha
  21. Yes, this can be done with a Search & Result datapage. Text fields can be used as search criteria which will lead to a results page. From there on, the user can select to see the details of the result they are interested in. For the example that you gave, a contained field search will work. Megha
  22. Hi Mike, I think there is a small error in your javacript code. In the addName function you are doing parseFloat to a text field and hence you are getting error NaN(not a number) error. Also onSubmit you are calling two functions separately, so only the one called last(in this case addName) is being executed. So instead of calling them separately, call the first function calculate() in the second function. Try this. <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function calculate () { var loE = parseFloat(document.getElementById('caspioform').InsertRecorddine_entreeLow.value); var hiE = parseFloat(document.getElementById('caspioform').InsertRecorddine_entreeHigh.value); var avgE = (loE + hiE)/2; var avgR = avgE.toFixed(2); document.getElementById('caspioform').InsertRecorddine_entreeAvg.value = avgR; return; } //document.getElementById('caspioform').onsubmit = calculate; function addName() { calculate(); var restName = document.getElementById('caspioform').InsertRecorddine_name.value; document.getElementById('caspioform').InsertRecorddine_nameSearch.value = restName; } document.getElementById('caspioform').onsubmit = addName; </script> Hope this helps. Megha
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