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  1. I am passing parameters from an original request to a new web form (survey). They are display only, but on the backend are necessary for connecting the Request to the Survey. When I look into my table, the received fields do no populate. They display nicely on my datapage, so I am confused why they aren't being populated into the table. Help!!! Thanks!
  2. I am using cascading dropdown lists to have Employee names to select from. My issue is that sometimes there will be a name missing from the list, is there a way to allow the person completing the form to enter in their name and have it populate to the Employee name table that the cascading dropdown list is pulling information from?
  3. okay - how great is this...i figured it out...it works on my computer: To view the details of this Service Request, Click Here It doesn't work on anyone else's computer.
  4. I am attempting to pass parameters from a Web Page to a Search and Report, asking it to return a single record straight to the details page. The name of the parameter is [@RID]. Parameter sent is an Autonumber, Parameter received is [@RID]. The link is placed in the acknowledgement email and sent upon pressing submit. The language to provide the link is: To view the details of this Service Request, Click Here I have tried all kinds of variations ?RID=[@field:RID], ?Request_ID=[@field:RID], ?RID=[@field:Request_ID] It brings back record #24. Always, no matter how many times I test i
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