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  1. Hello, Yes, you can create a view to search on two tables. Here's how to create views: http://howto.caspio.com/views/creating- ... ables.html Hope this helps! Best, -SO
  2. Hello, You could write something like the following: Setting up the child value with a div to hide by default ============================================= Insert an HTML block right above the child field and insert the following ============================================= Insert an HTML block right below the child field and insert the following ============================================== JavaScript to Hide/Display child based on selection value - inserted in footer ============================================================ var selection=document.getElementById("InsertRecordSelection"); var value=document.getElementById("cb_child"); function show() { if (selection.checked) { if (selection.value == 1) { value.style.display="block"; } } else { value.style.display="none"; } } selection.onclick = show; Hope this helps. Best, -SO
  3. Hello, I am thinking one way would be to have both the fields set up as Unique in the table - but seems like you have already tried it. The other way would be to add another field which will store the concatenated values from the other two fields and make this newly added field Unique. Hope this helps! Best, SO
  4. Hi rowimo, Great! Good job! And thanks for posting the solution Best, -SO
  5. Hi, The way to get the values off of radio buttons is something like the following: Assuming InsertRecordquestion1 is a radio button - for (i=0;i { if (document.form1.InsertRecordquestion1.checked) { question1_value = document.form1.InsertRecordquestion1.value; } } If you could give me the URL of your form, I could look more into your script. Hope this helps. Best, -SO
  6. Hi, On a Search and Report, if you choose the Results Page Layout to be "Direct to Detail", you will get the "Destination and Triggers page" option. Also, you could create a custom link in HTML( ) to link the other Search and Report DataPage from the 1st Search and Report DataPage. Hope this helps. Best, -SO
  7. Hi lcftra, There is one option you can use - instead of using Text Field you can choose the form element for your last entry to be Text Area. So when users hit enter in this Text Area box, it will go to the next line instead of submitting the form - they have to click on Submit button to submit the form. Hope this helps. Best, -SO
  8. Hello, You can make some of the fields required on the webform to prevent submitting them accidentally. Hope this helps. Best, -SO
  9. Hi, Caspio has very thorough instructions on map mashup http://www.caspio.com/support/mashups/m ... ion-v4.asp Make sure to have a UniqueID in your table. Zip codes are usually(at least in US) all numbers, so it makes sense to have it as NUMBER type instead of TEXT. Hope it helps. Best, -SO
  10. Hello, Yes you can have cascading drop down on the fields (type and email in this example, you can have something else as the parent field instead of the type field)and set it up as something like the following: The table: type email ID Date Newsroom newsroom@elapsotimes.com 1 01/01/2009 Marketing marketing@elapsotimes.com 2 02/01/2009 etc. Then in your DataPage "type" will be a dropdown and email will be a cascading dropdown with parent field as type. Now you can set Acknowledgement Email to be sent to the "email" field. In this way if user selects Marketing then the Email field will have value of marketing email address. You can change the Labels of the fields and also hide the Email field. Hope this helps. Best, -SO
  11. Hello, Yeap, you can contact Caspio Support to have the power by capsio removed. Best, SO
  12. Hello, The users can upload the video files in Caspio. And then on the details page you can refer to those files as links - users can click on the link to see/play the video. "To display the image/file, select Form element as “Display Onlyâ€. If it is an image you could choose Display as Image and if it is a file, choose Display as File or you could select “Auto-detect†to detect automatically if it is an image or file." Hope this helps. Best, SO
  13. Hello, Yes, that is correct. So instead of '0', you would set the field to start at ''99" in your csv file. Best, -SO
  14. Hi, You can insert the embedded video code in an HTML on the details page and it should work. Best, -SO
  15. Ok, I tried doing this in my account and was able to format the date as dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss in my acknowledgment email. This is what I have configured. 1. DateSubmitted field which is of TimeStamp on my WebForm 2. In localization I have dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss for Short Date. Attaching the screen shot where you can see this. 3. In my acknowledgment email body I have [@InsertRecordDateSubmitted*] and my email format is also plain text. Screen shot is also attached. Hope you get it to work as well. Best, SO
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