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  1. Hi, I have an authenticated datapage. It's authenticated off a table containing (a) username ( password © display name and (d) image. I'm only requring users to submit (a) and (, then on their data display page I'm showing © as well using the [@authfield:Display_Name] received parameter. Can't figure out how to display the associated image as well. Anyone?
  2. Forgive me, just noticed "authfield" in your parameter statement. That'll let me use a field in the auth table without requiring its input?
  3. I've got the full name in my authentication table, but I don't want them to have to enter that as part of the autentication process...and it looks like I can only pass parameters used in the authentication. Or am I mistaken?
  4. Hi, I can authenticate user jdoe and pass that parameter (jdoe) to the datapage, but how do I display John Doe rather than jdoe?
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