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  1. Great stuff. But what if the field you're checking is a checkbox? So a binary, not text, value?
  2. Thanks MayMusic -- I thought of that, but then figured I'll get an error for users who've already answered, won't I? Problem is, when people visit the page with the poll on it, what displays depends on whether they've already answered. So I need a way to check for such a unique value and behave differently depending on whether it's already there. Can't try to insert or I error out if unique value is already present. Right?
  3. Hi, I'm designing a poll app. It's a simple one-question poll with an arbitrary number of answer options. I have a connection on it to authenticate users and require them to log in before answering polls. Everything is working so that my admins can make new polls/answers and users can log in and answer them. However, I can't figure out how to restrict users to one answer per poll. I have tables for users, polls, answer options for each poll, user responses. It's all working, but I need a (non-kluge) way to check whether a user has already responded to the specific poll before inserting a new response in the response table. I am stuck. I have a kluge in place (basically tracking in an array which polls the user has responded to in his record in the user table). I'd love it if Caspio Bridge would let me do a "single-record update" or "details page update" which would, if it couldn't find the record, insert a new one. Something like that would make this app perfect and kluge-free. Or maybe I need to go about it another way entirely? Any feedback appreciated!
  4. Thanks, ezIQ, that'll do!
  5. Hi, Forgive me if I've missed it in the documentation. Looking for a way to lock a record when another user is editing it. To prevent simultaneous updates to the same record. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have an authenticated datapage. It's authenticated off a table containing (a) username ( password © display name and (d) image. I'm only requring users to submit (a) and (, then on their data display page I'm showing © as well using the [@authfield:Display_Name] received parameter. Can't figure out how to display the associated image as well. Anyone?
  7. Forgive me, just noticed "authfield" in your parameter statement. That'll let me use a field in the auth table without requiring its input?
  8. I've got the full name in my authentication table, but I don't want them to have to enter that as part of the autentication process...and it looks like I can only pass parameters used in the authentication. Or am I mistaken?
  9. Hi, I can authenticate user jdoe and pass that parameter (jdoe) to the datapage, but how do I display John Doe rather than jdoe?
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