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  1. Hi bahar, Thanks for your reply. I tried to view the post you referred to but it says I'm not authorized. Either way I think I know what your trying to say. Unfortunately using the method of just submitting the Lat and Long coordinates instead of an address will not work for the locations I`m trying to plot. For many places in the world this would not be a problem because google`s geocoding service would find an address for the corresponding lat/lng coordinates. In my case I"m trying to plot markers that have no cooresponding address for the lat/lng I provide. What ends up happening is google's geocode service responds with the nearest geocoded location. When I'm trying to place a marker on a building and it ends up placing it 2 blocks away it kind of defeats the purpose. Because you may have never encountered this problem, it may sound weird but that's what happens. It's also possible that this is common when using Caspio's map mashup to plot locations in areas that use PO boxes instead of mailing addresses. I can only think of 2 possible solutions but I'm not sure yet how to get them to work. One is to edit the Caspio js file so that it just plots the GLatLng coordinates without submitting them to google's Geocoding service (GClientGeocoder) but I haven't managed to get this to work. The other would be if I could submit the Geocode locations to google and then call them. Not sure if this is possible and it would take more work. I think if anyone has a solution for me they would have to be quite familiar with Google maps API and Javascript. Thanks again. Travis
  2. I'm interested in using the Caspio Google maps mashup but the current javascript file will not work for what I need. Because the LatLng coordinates I need to map are in a remote community and have never been geocoded if I try to reverse geocode them they just find the nearest geocoded location. I've been trying my best to write my own code so that the points are markered with just the latlng coordinates and not geocoded but I'm not having any luck getting it to work. My ideal solution would be to just edit the current .js file to remove the geocoding. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Travis
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