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  1. http://b3.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=2eba ... c9j0e2c0j2 This is for the report - use 142222 to search up a valid record (in the first field). This is the version with the assignment of the [@Utstyr] field to S2. Let me know if you need to run the other one. Are you staff? If so you may access the banetele account which is used here.
  2. [@Utstyr] var s2=[@Utstyr]; document.write("Hello World");
  3. I am having no problems using datafields in HTML when using Web Forms/Capture and Store Data. However - when I am using Search & Report I am having problems. No matter what I try I am not able to display the fieldvalues in my HTML code (except HTML Block) - even if I enable advanced options and parameters. Even in "Display this message" and I try to insert the field it does not appear. What I am trying to do seems trivial - I want the user to be able to search for a record and then display the record in a printer friendly format.
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