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  1. Thank you for the response. Yes the embedded code works, but i wanna be able to give user option to upload their video. How will it convert to embedded code in caspio?
  2. Hello, I am able to display images on the details page. My question is can i display a video also? Thanks,
  3. Thankyou for your response. I could not find any examples on w3schools.com. Please tell me if you come across one. I really appreciate your help.
  4. Hello, I have a datapage that loads the image from the table. Now the picture is too small. Is there a javascript that i can use in the datapage that will zoom the picture when i hover the mouse over it. here's an example. http://shop.beaumontenterprise.com/ROP/ ... vid=895318 I know its enhancing seperate sections of the image, but if i could enhance the whole image, that will do. Please help...
  5. I am gonna try that, Thankyou so much for your help!!
  6. i want to insert atleast 30 days URL's in the table. So that it automatically picks up next URL at 12:00 A.M I am sorry if i am being a pain lol Thanks
  7. I understand the process. But how will it automatically pick up the next day's URL?
  8. Thankyou for a quick response: And no, its just a URL that goes in the Acknowledgement email. For example a user fills out the form and clicks submit, then he receives an auto reply email which contains a URL. Now that URL is different everyday. right now i am editing the datapage and updating that URL everyday. i wanna automate that. Is there a way? Sunny
  9. Thankyou very much, the javascript worked. You are a lifesaver
  10. Hello everybody, I have a field in the datapage that accepts upto 2 characters. i want to limit the input entered to <=25. Any idea how do i do that. I know i have to write some kinda javascript. Here's the datapage: http://b2.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=72721000i7b3a2a7d3j2i5h9h1j9 Field name is Total no. of students taught each day: the user input should not exceed 25. Please help..
  11. Hello, Fellas i am stuck. I created a datapage web form and in the Acknowledgement email to the user there is a URL, and it chenges everyday. How do i automatically upload it to the datapage, so i dont i have to edit the webform everyday to change the URL. My understanding is that i have to create a table with a field that will contain URL's for some future days and another autonumber field. Then i have to write a javascript to call the next autonumber after the day expires?? Please help..
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