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  1. Hello, So I'm trying to get this Google Maps Mashup to work. All I want is to have the map show up in the details page, but the map frame continues to show up blank. I have all of my data fields set to Text (255) or (64000). Do I need to set up Zip Code as Number? There have been a few occasions where the address does not show up exactly in Google and I understand that that could cause this problem. But the same thing is happening even when the address shows up perfectly in a separate Google search. Anyone else having this problem or know how to help me? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, so I am reletively new to this service and I am truly a fan of all the powerful features, but I'm having trouble with something I would have considered fairly simple. I have table with a unique field "Name" and another field "%_Lost". I want to create a form that allows the user to go to the form, select from the dropdown any of the values from the "Name" field and then enter a % Lost in a text field and have that submission overwrite the previous value. Now I know this sounds terribly unsecure and like a potential nightmare for data integrity but the app is so small and simple that those issues are not important. Anyone know how I can make this work? I have read documentation on Update forms but I am not using any record authentication and would like to keep this down to one Datapage as I only have 3 available to deploy. Thanks,
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