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  1. Hello, You should try calling the two functions like this: function one() { document.write("hai"); } function two() { document.write("All"); } function a() { two(); one(); } window.onload = a ; Hope this works for you. Please confirm. Thanks, Atashi
  2. Hi, Try doing this: https://www.google.com/adsense/support/ ... swer=12654 I am sure you would have done it many a times. Also please reboot your browser after saving the settings. You could also check using this small script: http://aspadvice.com/blogs/azamsharp/ar ... owser.aspx Hope this helps. Thanks, Atashi
  3. Hi, Is your user authenticated using Joomla or Caspio Bridge. If the user is authenticated using Joomla then you will have to use some web services. It is not possible to do it simply with Caspio bridge. You could also fill up the professional services form where Caspio can do custom programming for you for this purpose. You can fill it out here : http://caspio.com/services/services.asp Thanks and Regards, Atashi
  4. Hello, You can change the styles of the border on the results page of Grid layout in styles. Open up the styles. Make sure Show Advanced Options(CSS Source) is checked on Style Name and Options screen. On Settings screen, under Results Page-> List/Grid Layout, on Source tab, change all the border styles to be 'border-style: none". Please let me know if you need further assistance with this. Thanks, Atashi
  5. Please confirm, are you talking about the header and footer of the bridge or your original HTML page?
  6. In the authentication wizard, choose "Custom" setup then take following steps: - Click next and choose your login fields - Click next and from the small picker button at the bottom of DataPage elements on left insert Header/Footer - Inside this footer include the password recover link as following: Forgot password? click here - Replace URL with the link where your password recovery DataPage is deployed Also I am sorry, you cannot test to see if the user fails login. But I think you can write a javascript to send you an alert (email) if the user fails login and gets a denial message. Thanks and Regards, Atashi
  7. Hello, On the "Configure Search Fields", you can chose Comparison Type as Equal and check on Calender pop up. When you put this in the search criteria, it will display all the records for that day. Thanks and Regards, Atashi
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