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  1. Folks, I have a quesiton. Is there anyway to call multiple functions using caspio's Submit form button... i know the code but for some reason it only executes one function... window.onsubmit=function1; window.onsubmit=function2; my goal is to validate forms. if i can call multiple functions through the submit form button caspio comes with it will be awesome. i know how to do it if i create my own button but dont know how to call it through caspio... if it's my own button it's like please advice. thank you so much for ur help. regards.
  2. Hi, Would anyone be kind enough to write a sample code to check/compare different dates in javascript for Caspio. Goal is to be able to compare two dates. Here is the pseudocode... Get date from date field Get todays date from newDate() object If date field < newDate() Display screen saying "date cannot be less than todays date" or what I would really like is display it next to the field in red color text else date is true end the other thing is i want to be able to call this function after the user moves focus away from the box. i am a great fan of caspio and it h
  3. I am not a programmer so I will need some help with what I am trying to achieve. Caspio currently does cacading relationships for listbox and dropdowns… But what I am interested in is: Let’s say I have a parent field which is a drop-down menu style, I would like this to be connected to its child field (which will be a text box). So when the parent field is activated… the child text field becomes activated so text can be typed into it. If not then it stays grayed out or disabled. Hypothetical example: Parent (Dropdown): Do you have children? (Dropdown/Checkbox saying: Yes/No) Chil
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