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  1. I am trying to set up a line chart that viewers can use to compare our county with other counties in CA in terms of hospitalizations for certain conditions. Data is in a table that has a column for Year, County, Condition, and the Number of Hospitalizations (per 100K patients). What I would like to do is to make it so the viewer can select a Condition and a County from the drop down list and the chart will display the Condition as the title of the chart, a series named for the county they selected with the number of hospitalizations and a second series named for our county "Shasta" will show our hospitalizations for that condition. The x-axis will be Year and the Y-axis will be the Number of Hospitalizations.
  2. This is great Silvio it worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your help! Dave
  3. Is there a way to choose the default type of map view to display when using the Google or Yahoo map mashups? Preferably I would like to be able to display the Google terrain view as the default map view in search results. Failing that the satellite view would be the second best option. Can this be done?
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