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    Hi, In Chart and Report you can also see the results table in the same Datapage, while in Charts you only see the chart alone. Also, when only displaying charts, you can have calculations (min, max, sum, average, count) on the data shown in the chart. Regards, sbelini.
  2. Hi, Have you by chance checked if you have empty records in your table (i.e. records with empty fields)?
  3. Hi, I merely explained how to read a Caspio parameter within javascript. There are several other issues with your script: 1) window.onload=function visibleInvisible() My guess is that you are trying to call the visibleInvisible function when the form loads. In this case try: window.onload = visibleInvisible; 2) always end a line with a ";" 3) form.visibleTxtBox1.style.visibility - that's not how you reference an object in Caspio. Try getElementByID or getElementsByName. 4) you are using nested forms: Caspio forms are forms themselves and nested forms are not allowed in HTML.
  4. Hi, If you are referencing a parameter from a Webform inside javascript, you should use "[@PARAMNAME]" (quotes included) where PARAMNAME is the name of the parameter passed. Given that, you can hide/display the fields you wish. Regards, sbelini.
  5. sbelini

    Wildcard search?

    Hi, If you wish to only pull results that have anything in a given field, you should try the "Is Not Blank" comparisson type. Regards, sbelini.
  6. My advise is: start all over. Copy and paste the JS code as it is in the forums. Then start making small changes to it and immediatelly checking in inside Caspio (not in a deployed web page). Once you get it to work inside Caspio, deploy it and check. My best guess it that you have more than one table in the webpage you have the Datapage deployed. So the table indexes in the code should be updated (lines 34, 46,47) accordingly. Now, since you mention you are getting errors inside Caspio as well, I advise you to start over and take smaller steps to see if you can pinpoint where the error is
  7. Hi, Are you having the issue in the webpage where the Datapage was deployed or when you open the Datapage inside Caspio Bridge application?
  8. Can you check and make sure that the option to download the results is "unchecked"?
  9. hi, if you want to calculate the results in column #10, then you shoud refer to it as index 9 (remember, the first column is 0, the second is 1, and so on... then the tenth column is 9) so your code should be: var v_colValue = o_lastRow.insertCell(9); also make sure all other indexes. finally, make sure the field values are of type "number" or "text" (and have numeric values)
  10. Hi, In the result page, you can only edit via text fields. You can use dropdowns in the details page.
  11. So you have a tabular result with 11 columns, right? Where can one see this datapage?
  12. You mention you are getting an error at line 39. Line 39 in the sample is: v_rev = cells[3].innerHTML; What do you have in your line 39?
  13. Hi, have you enabled parameter in the datapage settings?
  14. Hi, You mention you are working on a Details page. If so, try using "EditRecordFIELDNAME" instead of "InsertRecordFIELDNAME"
  15. Please have in mind that in the localizations you can control how the data is displayed, not how the data is stored. i.e. if you have a record with a value equal 13.3422034 and set in the localizations only two decimal digits, you will only see 13.34 in you DataPage, but the data in your table will still be 13.3422034. Another tip: when importing data from a spreadsheet, make sure the cells are of generic type (custom/special cell types in excel might cause some unexpected behavior with the data when imported into Caspio).
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